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Making money trading NEO on eToro

Good news – copy trading platform eToro has added a new cryptocurrency, NEO.    This means you can now trade 9 different cryptocurrencies on the platform using fiat currency 🙂   Read on to find out more about making money trading NEO on eToro

What is NEO

NEO is sometimes called the “Chinese Ethereum”.  While NEO could be used as a currency, it’s been designed more as a platform to power blockchain applications.    While NEO is similar to ethereum one big point of difference is that developers can use a variety of different programming languages to build on the platform.  Ethereum uses it’s own language called Solidity.  This choice of language could help adoption.

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Can you make money trading Bitcoin on Plus500

I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about trading cryptocurrency from people looking to get into Bitcoin.   Plus500 is one of the worlds most popular trading platforms, and it’s popular for trading bitcoin too.  But is it the right choice?

I’m going to break down some of the pros and cons of trading Bitcoin on Plus500:

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My cryptocurrency portfolio in 2018

This blog is all about sharing my experiments in increasing my income.   Whether that’s savings with Acorns, trading on etoro or mining bitcoin on Hashflare.

So in the spirit of transparency I thought I would take you through my current Cryptocurrency portfolio and why I’m investing in this space.

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How to become a popular investor on eToro

eToro is the worlds largest copy trading platform.  Investors can copy the trades made by popular investors and in return etoro rewards these traders.

Becoming a popular investor on eToro can be very profitable.  So here’s a guide for the talented traders out there who are looking to earn a little more from their forex, stock or crypto trading.

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Making money with Hashflare

Hashflare is a cryptocurrency mining platform.  Instead of mining Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or Litecoin on hardware you physically own,  you rent hardware in the cloud.

I came across cloud mining a few months ago and I promised myself that in 2018 I would give it a proper go to see if it’s a genuine money making opportunity.

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How to Short Bitcoin

During 2017, the price of Bitcoin went up and up.  Most people speculated that at some point, there would need to be some type of correction.  And that correction happened during early 2018.

It shouldn’t be all doom and gloom for bitcoin traders though – the long term outlook is still bullish.  And if you play your cards right, you can still profit when the price of Bitcoin falls.

Here’s a quick guide on some options for shorting Bitcoin:

Shorting Bitcoin with CFDs

Contracts for Difference, are currently the most popular method for shorting bitcoin.  A CFD is a contract between you and your broker to settle the difference in price when the contract expires.  While that may sounds complicated, in practice, buying and selling Bitcoin using a CFD is as easy as buying or selling actual Bitcoin (if not much easier).

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Top resources for Forex trading in 2018

Getting started in Forex trading can seem daunting, so I’ve put together a list of my recommended resources for forex trading. There are tools for beginners right through to pro traders.

It’s always important to remember that forex education is a never ending journey.  Just like any skill, you have to put the hours in.  If you want to become one of the worlds best and most profitable trader, then do yourself a favour and start learning!

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Trading Bitcoin on Plus500

Plus500 is a popular CFD trading platform.   As well as stocks and forex, Plus500 also offers cryptocurrency cfd trading including in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has been gaining more and more attention over the past 12 months.  There has also been a huge amount of price volatility.  If you managed to get in at the right time, there was potential for huge profits.  Here is my short guide on trading Bitcoin on Plus500:

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The best way to buy Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic was worth around $1 a year ago.  It’s now worth around $30.  Not a bad return over the past year.    It came into existence when a massive hack occured on the Ethereum network.    Ethereum forked and began using a new set of rules to mitigate the hack, and Ethereum Classic (which was ethereum) was born.

It’s currently ranked in the top 20 cryptocurrencies – and while it’s value is nothing like that of Ethereum’s, it’s still very popular and valuable.

So what’s the best way to buy Ethereum Classic?  I’ve put together a few options:

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Robinhood is adding zero fee Cryptocurrency trading

One of the biggest problems in cryptocurrency right now is converting fiat currency in

to cryptocurrency.  When Bitcoin exploded in late 2017, Coinbase (currently the largest seller of Bitcoin) suffered constant downtime.

So it’s great news that a new player is entering the crypto space – the super popular stock trading platform Robinhood!

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