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The easiest way to invest in ethereum online

Ethereum has soared this year.  More and more people are discovering the platform.  And more and more people are using Ethereum.   There have been a number of recent ICOs (ICOs area like IPOs on a stock exchange, but they raise cryptocurrency) which have had a lot of press coverage.  Whether you believe these ICOs will succeed or not, one thing is certain, Ethereum is starting to get used.

The price of Ethereum is currently somewhere in the $300 range (as of writing), so gone are the days where you could buy in a see your money double a ridiculous amount of times.   However there could potentially still be a lot of upside.  Many people, including myself, believe ETH (Ethereum) will out grow Bitcoin.  That’s just my own opinion, and like all investments, you should do your own research.

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Is now the right time to buy litecoin?

Litecoin is up over 70% this month.  It looks like it has finally broker free from a fairly flat trading pattern.  Even while other digital currencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum soared, Litecoin has been pretty much stagnant.

Litecoin recently topped and all time high above $50.  So is now the right time to look at Litecoin again?

Bitstamp Support

The reason for the sudden jump in price is because trading support of litecoin has been added to popular exchange Bitstamp.  This will give it much more exposure and should increase it’s trading volume.

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Make money from the gaming industry with this CopyFund

I recently bought myself a PS4 Pro, and it got me thinking about the gaming industry.  After some research I realised that the industry was much, much larger than I had thought.    I realised there could be some interesting investment opportunities and I also discovered that you can invest across the entire sector with the new “InTheGame” copyfund from etoro.

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Has the bitcoin bull run ended? How to make money shorting bitcoin

The price of bitcoin recently took a bit of a sharp dive down.  As I’m writing this post, I have noticed the price recover a little, but it’s still nowhere near its peaks.

So has the bull run ended?  Well I have no idea.  What I do know is that when the price of Bitcoin falls, it falls in a dramatic fashion.  And this volatility means there are profit opportunities for shorting bitcoin.

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eToro add Ethereum Classic Trading

Social Trading platform, eToro has added Ethereum Classic (ETC) trading to their platform.  ETC joins other digital currencies Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) on the network.  This is a huge win for the currency and as a result the price rose after the news.

eToro has over 4.5million customers on the platform which means that a whole host of potential new traders will be speculating on the price of the currency.

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The best tools for trading Bitcoin

Bitcoin is continuing it’s meteoric rise.  Are you looking to get in on the action and start trading this exciting digital currency?  Well I’ve put together some of the different tools that are out there for investing, trading and hopefully making money from Bitcoin.

Trading bitcoin is high risk – it’s an extremely volatile currency.  But talented traders are able to take advantage of this volatility to make larger gains compared to more traditional investments.

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You can now invest in a Cryptocurrency Copyfund

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum – the two most popular cryptocurrencies, have been soaring this year.  If you had invested in either at the beginning of the year, you’d have made a pretty penny.  Maybe not the huge amounts that had you invested right when either currency was just starting out, but with returns in the X00% range its still amazing.

So it’s no surprise that eToro, the social trading platform, has launched a new Copyfund for Crytocurrency.

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Whaleclub First Deposit Bonus

Whaleclub is a new type of trading platform where you can trade stocks, forex and commodities using bitcoin.  It works just like other trading platforms, but instead of using fiat currency, all trading is done using digital currency.

I think it’s a unique concept, and I’m certain that we’ll start seeing more trading platforms like this.

So if you’re looking to put your bitcoin to work and start using it as a currency, then you should take a look at Whaleclub.

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Getting free forex signals with eToro

If you do a search for Forex Signals, you’ll see a bunch of different companies and individuals offering “money making systems”, which can be all yours for a small price of $$$.   Some of these providers are outright scams.  Others will get you to join a broker, and make a large deposit before you can get access to their signals.

But did you know that you don’t need to pay anyone to access to forex signals?  And you can get access to signals that are not only profitable, but you’re able to see all the past trades to verify this for yourself.

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Who to copy on eToro: DavidGiles

Ok time for another post in my series on who to copy on eToro.  With so many people on the eToro platform, with different trading styles, it’s hard to focus on where to invest your money.  So i’m reviewing some of my top picks on people you should look into.

Always remember to do your own research and only copy people who match your investment goals and the amount of risk you’re willing to take on.

This review is on DavidGiles, who’s had an impressive return of over 60% for the past 12 months.

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