A Big PopCash Update and the Ultimate Cheatsheet.

I've written about how I had made over $2.5k using PopCash.  Well here's a big update, that number is now over 5k and ever climbing.  Since writing that post, i've gotten lots of questions about how to make money with popcash, so I thought I would put together a more in depth blog post.  So without further rambling, here is my popcash cheatsheat:

PopCash earnings

WTF if PopCash?

It's a popunder advertising network.  It works by loading a popunder ad when a user interacts with your site.

What Type of Sites Should I Use PopCash on?

Some users will find popunder advertising annoying.  I use it on a viral image site, where the users are happy to see the odd ad, because in return they get a lot of value (and laughs) out of viewing the image galleries.  Popunder ads also only work best when you have a lot of traffic.  So if you're getting a hundred visitors a day, you might want to wait until you hit the big boys club.  Otherwise you'll just get disappointed at the lack of $$$.    There are lots of different types of sites that work well.  If you've ever seen a popup ad (of course you had) just take note of the website, and what type of content they have.  And why not take inspiration from them and build your own similar site.  That's what I did, it works.

How Often are Payouts.

Every day.  Seriously!  And they have never missed a payout.  Sometimes there is a slight delay during holidays (like the easter holidays at the moment) but they always let you know, and you're never left wondering.  I've have never had a network payout as regularly and as fast as popcash.

I personally choose to cashout once a week.  Which is more then frequent enough for my needs.  From the time of requesting a payout to it landing in my account is usually just a few hours.

How do They Pay

PayPal and Payza.  I use paypal.  No issues here.

What is the Minimum Withdrawal Amount

$10.  I have no problem making this every week (I make a lot more).

Do They Accept Adult Traffic

Yes.  It obviously doesn't pay as well.  I wouldn't go down this route if I were you.  There just isn't as much money in it.  I always try and create a really high quality site with high quality traffic as it just earns so much more.

Do They Accept Worldwide Traffic

Sure do.  I have traffic from all over the world.  Obviously U.S traffic pays better then traffic in China.  But it all counts.

Do they pay for every visitor?

This is a common noob mistake people see.  They see lets say, 10k visitors to their site, but the reports on popcash only show $8k impressions.  What's going on?  PopCash only shows an ad when a visitor interacts with your site.  (clicks a link etc).  So if someone is coming to your page and then leaving straight away then you won't see an ad.  Focus on building a higher quality site that makes visitors want to click around.

How Often are Popunders Shown to a Visitor?

Once every 24 hours.  This makes sure your users don't get pissed at being shown a ton of ads.



  1. Hello,

    Please tell me how many refferals you are and if you use website with high traffic? How many visits have your site/s in one day?


  2. Hello admin, I just wanted some tips from you.can you please help me in giving me a idea for earning a small passive income per month?about 100 USD per month? Thank you.

    • I would start with social trading. Check out my guide in the resources section on this blog. I think it’s also important to have a website – it’s hard to monetize a website and won’t happen overnight, but once its going it is such valuable asset.

      • Thank you.will you like to give me some suggestions that on which particular topic shall I create or develop a website? And how much money I have to invest or put in on social trading platform to get about 100 USD per month.i know that its not that easy and there is no fixed income in trading.if you got some more ideas do share with me.

        • I can’t really give a specific topic. I generally choose very big niches (such as mens lifestyle) and try and create an authority website.

          Hard to say exactly how much to put in on social trading. I would recommend just starting out small. You don’t want to blow it right away. Once you get started you’ll have a better idea of what the returns will be.

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