PopCash Review: How I Made Over $2.5k

PopCash is a popunder advertising network that I've been using for the last little while to monetize some of the sites I own.  I wanted to share my experiences of using PopCash and how much I've been earning.

PopCash earnings

I don't use PopCash on all the websites I own.  For example, it wouldn't do well on a site like this.  But for say, entertainment sites, it would do really well.  One thing you need to know about popunder ads – you need to have a lot of traffic.  Luckily I do on some of my sites!

Approval and Setup

PopCash is by far the most responsive ad network i've come across.  I've never needed to contact support (because I've never had any issues) but they are extremely speedy when it comes to getting your domain approved.  Usually it takes just a couple of hours (if at all).  This means you can get started placing ads right away.

Ad Rates 

PopCash uses a dynamic bidding system.  Basically there is no set rate for your traffic.  It varies based on the location of your traffic and the quality.  It will fluctuate for day to day and depends obviously on advertiser demand.    I received around $2 for U.S traffic.  Some  days it is higher, some days it is lower.

I've tested PopCash against another popular popunder network and found that popcash pays around 20% more.  So far for my website, I have yet to find a monetization method that pays as well.


PopCash does pay and they always pay on time.  They say payouts happen within 7 days, but most of the time I receive my payout on the same day.  The minimum is just $10 and you don't need to wait 30 days or more.  You can cash out as soon as your account hits that amount.

You can request payouts to PayPal, Paxum or Payza.

In Conclusion…

If you have a website with lots of traffic and it's in the right niche (entertainment, wallpapers etc) then you should definitely try popcash.  Monetizing via other methods on these types of sites just don't make you as much cash.  PopCash is by far the best popunder network I've come across – they have the best rates in the industry, super fast payouts and a great backend.

You can join popcash here


    • Test it out and see if it works for you! You’ll need a lot of traffic! I use it mainly on entertainment style sites.

  1. Started using them today, but I noticed they don’t really count all the impressions. I should have at least 1500/2000 unique visitors per day, but I am only getting 30/40 impressions in 5 hours, which is very low. I hope it gets better in the next few days.

    • thats weird. I’ve found them to be quite accurate with impressions. One thing to note, the popups only display if the user interacts with your site, they don’t popup as soon as the page loads. So if someone is just visiting your site and leaves straight away, they won’t see a popup and an impression won’t count.

  2. Great post, Matty. It appears that we’ve come to the same conclusion about PopCash…publishers should really be picky about which sites they run it on. I was running it on my main blog for a while to test it…aaaand then I got a lot less comfortable about it after seeing some of the ads it was serving to me. I hope it was just me…heh.

    Also…have you (or any of your readers) noticed that lately they seem to be taking out fees when you cash out, or is that just me?

    • I haven’t cashed out in a little bit, next time I do i’ll report back. That would be a shame if they have started doing that :/

  3. I want ask you please. When you can see youre earnings or impressions? Is that in same day or next day? Because i have some visitors on my website but when i go to report there is nothing. So i should wait to next day or what exactly?

  4. You should take a look at BadHits – it’s an invite-only network. You can use this link to create an account: https://badhits.com/?accesskey=d420H7ZzKK

    They don’t care about the quality or source of the traffic. All accounts are automatically approved. The main reason people use them is because they have a no-ban guarantee, they never ban publishers for low-quality traffic.

    Most people just use them to send all the traffic they can’t get any other network to buy.

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