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Is it too late to invest in Bitcoin?

People asked this question when Bitcoin was sitting at $1k in 2013.  If you had invested $10k back then, you would have made over $100k in profit.    If you had invested $10k just a few weeks ago, you would nearly have doubled your money (as bitcoin has been moving around so much recently its hard to write this post).

No one knows where the top of Bitcoin will be.  No one even knows what Bitcoin really is.  Is it the next Gold? Is it the rebuilding of the financial system?  Is it a currency?  Is it the most historic redistribution of wealth in history?  Because of these unknowns, no one can predict the price of Bitcoin.

But what I can do is share some pretty solid advice on investing that has worked well for me, and will help you make your decision:

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Give yourself an Investment this Christmas

Every year I like to give myself a little gift for fun.  And it’s usually an investment.   So why not give yourself an investment gift this year as well.  It’ll set you in good stead for the year ahead.  Here are some of the different investments you could get into as the year comes to a close:


We really are living in good times right now.   As I’m writing this post, Bitcoin has increased in value by another $1000.  If you blink you’ll miss these milestones!  If you had invested just $1000 a year ago, you would have made a 1877% return!   And your Christmas would have been a whole lot different (Lambo anyone?)

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How to trade Bitcoin when it’s extremely volatile

After Bitcoin crossed the $10k mark, it went into an extreme period of volatility diving below 10k and up and down again numerous times.

This is nothing new.  Bitcoin has always been extremely volatile.  So if you’re thinking about trading the cryptocurrency I’ve together some useful tips on how you can avoid losing your money and also hopefully make a profit.

This post is for Bitcoin traders – i.e people who are trading the price of Bitcoin.  If you’re a Bitcoin investor then this isn’t for you.  You can safely hold onto your coins and sit out the price movements (don’t panic sell!).  But if you’re trading here are some tips:

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Why I’m investing in Ethereum at the moment

As  I write this post, Ethereum is edging towards it’s all time high.   So I thought I would write a post explaining why I’m investing in Ethereum at the moment.  Of all the cryptocurrencies, I feel it has the most potential to be something truly huge – that doesn’t mean I’m still not bullish on Bitcoin and other blockchain platforms, it’s just I find ethereum to be the most interesting.

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The eToro CryptoFund Delivered a 100% return this year

This is insane!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you already know how well cryptocurrency has been performing this year.  There has been a crash here and there, but overall it’s been a super profitable year for those invested in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin has been the major success story.  But Ethereum has been a run away success as well as many of the other smaller coins.

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The Best Alternatives to Plus500

Plus500 is a popular forex and CFD trading platform.  And while it may be perfectly suited for some people, for others it might not be the right place to trade.

Plus500 doesn’t support MT4 (popular trading software), VPS or ECN accounts.  It doesn’t support copy trading and the spreads and fees might not be to your liking.  So i’ve put together some different plus500 alternatives that I think suit different types of traders.

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Using Bitcoin as a store of wealth

As a currency Bitcoin has some flaws – its both expensive and slow to transfer.  So as a transactional currency it currently doesn’t work very well.  Who wants to spend 20 minutes at the checkout waiting for your transaction to confirm!

So while it may not work for high speed transactions, Bitcoin could potentially be a great store of wealth.  In this post I explore how Bitcoin can be used as a store of wealth/value and some of the pitfalls and risks.

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eToro will be supporting the Segwit2x Hard Fork

Update: The Segwit2x hard fork has been suspended for the time being.  I’ll make sure to update this post if this changes.  The good news is the the price of Bitcoin soared on the news.

eToro is a popular trading platform, which added support for various cryptocurrencies over the past 12 months or so.  Up to know, none of the major trading platforms have supported the bitcoin forks, but that isn’t the case with the upcoming Segwit2x hard fork.

So if you’re a trader on eToro, it’s important you’re prepared for this event.  Here’s a bit more on what’s happening:

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Making money from the B2X Bitcoin Fork

Update: The Segwit2x hard fork has been suspended for the time being.  I’ll make sure to update this post if this changes.  The good news is the the price of Bitcoin soared on the news.

Bitcoin is about to undergo a hard fork.  This hard fork could possibly bring about some money making opportunities.  So I thought I would put together this post so you can take advantage of this event.  I don’t know how profitable this will be, but you will end up with double your Crypto after the fork – so it’s worth looking into:

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How to have success with eToro Copy Trader

I want to share with you everything I’ve learned from copy trading on eToro these past few years.

I believe that copy trading is only going to get bigger and better.  I love it when technology helps innovate tired and inefficient industries.  And this case, copy trading is forever changing the financial and investment industries.

So that you can the most out of copy trading I’ve put together 10 tips on how to have success with eToro:

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