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The Easiest Ways to buy ETFs

ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds are a great way to invest in a diverse portfolio of underlying assets.  ETFs are made up a hundreds and sometimes thousands of underlying stocks and bonds.  This means you can invest in all of these assets with just one trade.

In this post I’m going to share the easiest ways to buy ETFs.

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5 Reasons why you should try Copy Trading

I’ve been copy trading on eToro for the last few years.  Personally, I think it’s a great way to make money.  In this post I’m going to share some the reasons why I love copy trading.  If you’re new to copy trading, make sure you check out this post on what copy trading is and how it works.

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Get a $50 Forex No Deposit Bonus

Welcome bonuses aren’t that common with forex brokers anymore.  But there are a few legit brokers that still offer great welcome or no deposit bonuses.  One of the biggest is from  They offer a massive $50 welcome bonus for new clients.  Keep reading to find out how you can claim this bonus:

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eToro is launching a Cannabis CopyPortfolio

The medical marijuana market exploded in 2017 with record growth in the legal cannabis industry.  There was a massive 16 billion of economic output last year.  And it’s because of this growth that many investors are getting excited by the potential opportunities.

So if you’ve been looking for a new investment that has potential high returns and the lots of room for growth then this new CopyPortfolio from eToro could be for you.

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The best alternatives to Whaleclub

Whaleclub is a broker that lets you trade CFDs using Bitcoin.  While I love the interface at Whaleclub and I love that they are using Bitcoin/Dash as a base currency, I do have some issues with their fees.  They can be a bit too high.  So I’ve together some similar brokers that are legit alternatives to Whaleclub.

As always I’ve personally tested these brokers with a real money trading account.

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What is Copy Trading and How it Works

I’ve been copy trading for the past few years on eToro and I’m going to share with you my best tips for making money with copy trading and how you get started.

So keep reading to find out everything you ever wanted to know about this exciting investing technique and how it works:

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eToro is paying Premier League clubs with Bitcoin

eToro is making history by paying for an advertising deal using Bitcoin!  If you watch the premier league then chances are you’ve noticed advertising for eToro but what you might not have known was this deal was paid for using cryptocurrency.

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How to trade CFDs Using Bitcoin

Instead of just holding Bitcoin in the hope of profits, did you know you can use it to trade stocks, forex and other cfds.  In this post I’m going to share with you three different platforms where you can use Bitcoin to trade CFDs and why using Bitcoin has some great advantages.

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How to get started investing in Bitcoin on Coinbase

Looking to get started investing in Bitcoin?  One of the best places to begin is on Coinbase.  It’s the broker I use for most of my Bitcoin purchases and in this post I’m going to share how you can get started investing with them as well.  And the best news is that you don’t need thousands of dollars to get started.  You can buy into bitcoin with just a few dollars.  Read on to find out how:

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How to invest your Bitcoin

So you have a stack of Bitcoin.  You could just hodl it or you could try and turn it into even more Bitcoin.  The market at the moment is pretty flat with not much happening.  That makes it the perfect time to invest your Bitcoin and grow it into something larger.

In this post I’ve put together some different options for investing using Bitcoin and also some things you need to be aware of.
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