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My 2018 Whaleclub Review

Whaleclub is a relatively new broker which is powered by Bitcoin.  I’ve been using the platform for the last year, so I thought I would share my experiences.    Read on to find out what I like, dislike and the things you need to know before you start trading on Whaleclub.

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6 Reasons you should trade on eToro

eToro is my favorite trading platform.  If you’ve used platforms such as Plus500 or EasyMarkets and you’re looking for an alternative, then make sure you read on.  I’ve highlighted some of the reasons why I like eToro so much and why you should be trading there:

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eToro has added real stock trading

My favorite trading platform eToro, has launched real stock trading.  Previously you could invest in stocks using CFDs (contract for difference). Now however traders have the option to purchase the underlying asset.

And the best bit is, there is no management or ticket fee on purchases!

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Easy ways for getting started Making Money with Stocks

Getting started in the world of stock trading can be exciting and also daunting.  In this post I’m going to break down some of the options new investors have for getting started.  I’ve chosen options that make use of experienced traders and diversification to help ease you in to what can be a risky investment option if you try going it alone.

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Money Making alternatives to Forex Trading

Making money trading forex is difficult.   And it’s not suitable for all people.  In fact, most people who try trading forex end up losing their money.   While forex can be a great way to make money, there are plenty of other forex alternatives out there which can be less risky and just as profitable.

So what are some legitimate money making alternatives to trading forex?  I’ve listed some of my favorite options in this post:

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Gael Monfils trades on eToro!

I have to admit I was surprised to find out that pro tennis champion Gael Monfils is not just a superstar athlete but a trader as well.  And his trading platform of choice is my favorite platform, eToro.

Gael heard about eToro from his brother and has been trading on the platform since October 2017.    That doesn’t surprise me – as eToro became super popular towards the end of 2017, mainly because of its cryptocurrency trading.

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Should you invest in Litecoin?

Is Litecoin a good investment option?  Does it have a future?  And why is it useful?  Today I’m going to go through some Litecoin fundamentals to help you make better investment decisions.

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How to Buy Bitcoin Instantly

When it takes a week for your Bitcoin purchase to go through it can be a bit frustrating.  And with such long processing times it makes it impossible to react to fast moving markets.   But the good news is there are plenty of different options for buying bitcoin instantly.  I’m going to share my favorite options. Continue reading

Create a Passive Income with Cryptocurrency

Did you know that you can earn a passive income with Cryptocurrency!  Today i’ve put together 7 completely different ways to earn some money on the side or even a full time passive income.  And the good news is that some methods require very little starting capital.    Let me know your methods for making a passive income with cryptocurrency in the comments.

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eToro is coming to the U.S

eToro, the trading platform that i use and recommend, is finally coming to the U.S.  Until now eToro has been available pretty much everywhere else around the world, but had no support for U.S customers.  But that is set to change.

eToro is going to bring is cryptocurrency trading to the U.S.  This means you’ll be able to trade popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and more.  Cryptocurrency is very popular in the U.S so it’s no surprise to me that they are doing this.

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