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Create a Passive Income with Cryptocurrency

Did you know that you can earn a passive income with Cryptocurrency!  Today i’ve put together 7 completely different ways to earn some money on the side or even a full time passive income.  And the good news is that some methods require very little starting capital.    Let me know your methods for making a passive income with cryptocurrency in the comments.

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eToro is coming to the U.S

eToro, the trading platform that i use and recommend, is finally coming to the U.S.  Until now eToro has been available pretty much everywhere else around the world, but had no support for U.S customers.  But that is set to change.

eToro is going to bring is cryptocurrency trading to the U.S.  This means you’ll be able to trade popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and more.  Cryptocurrency is very popular in the U.S so it’s no surprise to me that they are doing this.

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Earn interest on your Bitcoins

Did you know that you can earn interest from your Bitcoins!  It’s time to put them to work.  Instead of just holding and hoping for the best, you can lend them out and earn interest.  Here’s how it works.

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4 Places where you can Short Bitcoin

If you had shorted Bitcoin when after it had reached its all time high last year, you would have made a very healthy profit.  And there are some investors and business men such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet who believe that it has further to fall.

Shorting bitcoin is actually very easy – in fact, it’s as easy as going long on Bitcoin.  So today I’m going to share with you different options for shorting Bitcoin.  None of these require any sort of borrowing – I’ve decided to only list CFD trading options as it makes shorting much simpler.

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Dollar Cost Averaging Bitcoin

Looking for a solid investment strategy for Bitcoin?  Look no further then the tried and tested Dollar Cost Averaging strategy.  Sure it’s not the most sexy, but it will give you a better shot at buying bitcoin at the most favorable price.

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The Top Social Trading Networks in 2018

Social Trading combines trading and social networks.  In this post, i’ve rounded up the top social trading networks in 2018.   There’s a couple of new platforms and some of the older ones are now much bigger and better.  Read on to find out which ones made the list:

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How to get free crypto signals

Looking for a source of reliable crypto signals to help with your trading?  There’s no need to sign up with a paid group and spend hundreds of dollars for signals that may or may not work.  There’s a free way to get super high quality crypto signals.  Read on to find out more…

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How to Trade Stocks using Bitcoin

Did you know that you can use Bitcoin to trade and profit from stocks.  Thanks to platforms such as 1Broker and Whaleclub that deal exclusively in digital currencies, trading using Bitcoin is just as easy as trading using fiat currency.  So if you’re looking to put your cryptocurrency to work and use it to trade, read on to find out how.

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eToro adds trading of the EOS Cryptocurrency

eToro has just announced the launch of EOS trading on their platform.  As of writing EOS is currently the 5th largest cryptocurrency by market cap.  Over the past few months it has shot to popularity.  And now it’s supported by the worlds largest social trading platform.

If you haven’t heard about EOS, read on to find out what the big deal is, and how you can trade it using eToro.

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5 Ways to make an extra $1000 a month

Are you looking to make an extra $1000 a month?  I’ve put together 5 completely different ways to make some extra cash on the side.   Some of these methods could be considered full time gigs (blogging), where as others such as copy trading, only take an hour or two a week.

Let me know in the comments what methods you use to generate extra income on the side.

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