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How to copy the best traders on eToro

Although I’ve reviewed plenty of the traders on eToro, to help give you ideas on who to copy, I wanted to write about how I actually write these reviews.  What do I look for in a good copy trader and what filters should you be using when you search for someone to copy.

For those who don’t know, Copy Trading is where you automatically copy the trades of a profitable trader.    You can do this through my favorite copy trading platform, eToro.  There are currently over a million traders on the platform, so how do you actually know who to copy?

These are the things I look for when evaluating a potential copy trade:

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2017 Whaleclub Review

Whaleclub is an innovative trading platform that uses digital currency.  Using digital currency (such as Bitcoin) you can trade Forex, stocks, commodities, bonds and indicies.

This is a great way to make use of your bitcoin if you’re a trader and using digital currency has a number of advantages which i’ll cover in my review.

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Litecoin is the cryptocurrency to watch

While Bitcoin and Ethereum have had a bit of a hammering over the past month, Litecoin has been a bright spot.  And the months ahead could be even worse for Bitcoin.  It is in the midst of a community split, which has traders worried about potential volatility.    So those looking for something that could offer a bit more stability over the coming months, then litecoin could be for you.

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How to trade forex using Bitcoin

While a lot of people stash their bitcoin away, hoping that the price will rise – did you know you can also use your Bitcoin to trade.  And more specifically you can use it to trade forex.

Trading forex is nothing new, but trading forex using Bitcoin is.  There are quite a few brokers that allow you to trade bitcoin, but I have only seen a couple that allow you to fund your brokerage account using Bitcoin.  My favorite of these brokers is Whaleclub – which I believe to be the best option for using your bitcoin for trading.

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Should you buy bitcoin when the price goes down?

I would say we are currently in a bearish crypto market.  Pretty much all the major cryptocurrencies have lost value over the past month.  This was on the back of a major bull run where it seemed like bitcoin and ethereum was just going up and up.

So many people are naturally asking – should I keep buying bitcoin, even though the price has gone down?

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Invest in a bunch of popular cryptocurrencies in one go

Are you excited about the prospects of cryptocurrencies?  Looking to invest in the sector as a whole?  Well you now can.  eToro recently added a bunch more cryptocurrencies to their Crypto Copyfund.

When it was first launched, it only included Bitcoin and Ethereum.  While this was a great start, I felt that it could be a bit more diverse.   So this is great news.

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3 Places you can practice stock trading for free

The best way to learn about trading stocks is to actually practice for yourself.  This way you can apply your trading strategy without risking real money.

Fortunately there are lots of places to practice trading stocks.  I recommend using platforms that mirror real world trading conditions.  This way, you’ll become familiar with charts, opening orders, setting limits etc.

So here are three different places where you can practice trading stocks online.  These are all CFD platforms.  To learn more about CFDs and their advantages and disadvantages check out this article I wrote.

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Making money from Cryptocurrency Trading

Is it really possible to make money from cryptocurrency trading?  Is it a legitimate long term strategy for wealth creation?  I thought I’d put together a post rounding up the current state of cryptocurrency trading and how you can get started.

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Who to copytrade on etoro: DrGreenFingers

It’s time to review another trader on eToro.  With so many traders on the platform, it can be a bit overwhelming for newbies to filter and find the right kind of traders to copy.   So i’ve been rounding up interesting traders on etoro to help you find people to copytrade.

When you copy trade, you automatically copy the trades of a more experienced, and and (hopefully) profitable trader.    When you copy trade multiple people, you’ll diversify your portfolio and spread the risk, yet you’ll still be able to see impressive returns.

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Trade Bitcoin CFDs on Whaleclub

Whaleclub is a new type of trading platform that runs entirely using digital currency.

Whaleclub allows you to trade forex, stocks, commodities, and bonds using Bitcoin or Dash (another digital currency).    And you can also trade Bitcoin CFDs.    By trading a CFD instead of the actual currency, you can potentially profit no matter what direction Bitcoin is moving.

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