Join the Copy Trading Newsletter

I make hundreds and sometimes thousands of $$ each month through copy trading.  I've put together a free  newsletter with all the advice and tips I don't want to share publicly on the blog.  Here's what you'll get:

  1. The latest copy trading bonuses – every month, different platforms offer discount and bonuses.  These are a great way to make more money.
  2. Trader of The Week – don't know who to copy?  I share with you the traders I am currently copytrading.
  3. Bonus Tips and Tricks – what events you should be looking out for, how to minimize losses… all those sort of things.
  4. Me! you can reply to the newsletter to ask me a question directly.  So if you have any questions about social trading this is the best way to get in touch with me.

I send out the newsletter max once a week.

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