Forex, Cryptocurrency and Finance Content Creation

Are you looking for super high quality custom content.  We can hand craft articles for you that are guaranteed to rank well and convert visitors into customers.  We specialize in creating content for:

  • Forex Industry – for both brokers and affiliates
  • Cryptocurrency – we are experts in cryptocurrency and have written over 100 guides.
  • Personal Finance


  • Just $100 per article
  • 800-1500 words
  • Each article is written by the same people who write on TheCashDiaries.  We've written hundreds of articles that have generated over $100k in revenue.
  • Custom graphic.  With each article we can include a custom graphic as part of the post.  We'll also fill the article with screenshots and other images if needed.
  • We can come up with Article ideas based on money making keywords for you.
  • 48 hour turn around

Contact us

To get started just send us an email to [email protected] – please include some information on what you're looking to promote.