money making resourcesHere are the tools and resources that I use to make money online.  I’ve also included some of the guides that I’ve written:

Money Making Guides:

2017 Guide to Profitable eToro Trading: My latest guide on using etoro and my strategy for making money.

Making money with Copyfunds: My latest experiment – copyfunds and how you can profit from them too.

Introduction to Forex Trading: This is the guide I used to start my forex journey.


These are the hosting services I use to run my websites.

Hostgator – the cheapest hosting out there.  Don’t have any complaints.  I use it for running a number of sites and never have any issues.

Mediatemple – Premium hosting.  I use MediaTemple to host this blog.  It’s used by the top designers and developers.  It has more features than you’ll get with Hostgator, a way better interface, and it’s powered by a grid of servers, meaning your site will never go down no matter how much traffic you get!

DigitalOcean – Don’t buy a VPS from anywhere other than DigitalOcean.  They are by far the cheapest and most reliable.  Loved by developers around the world!  When DigitalOcean launched, they changed the hosting game.  If you’re a serious internet marketer and need to run lots of sites, this is your best bet.


eToro – Couldn’t recommend this platform more.  It’s the most popular social trading network in the world.  Great interface, huge range of products.  One of my biggest money makers.

XM – In my opinion the best MT4 forex broker.  If you want to use a Mt4 platform that isn’t etoro than this is the one I recommend.

EasyMarkets – this broker offers a new and quite useful trade insurance which makes sure you can’t lose a trade.

Forex Cashback

Cashbackforex – Get cashback when you deposit with a forex broker.  A great idea to increase your forex profitts.

Making Money:

PopCash – I’ve made thousands and thousands from PopCash.  Popup advertising network.  If you’ve got a ton of traffic, try this site.