Hey there.

I'm Matty, this is my website.  I've been building websites, making money, losing money etc etc since I was a kid.

I can remember when my parents first bought home a computer.   It fascinated me, and I was immediately hooked.   At school I didn't care much about grades – not for a lack of smarts – I would rather just build software and screw around creating websites.

And now I put my talents to good use.  I make enough cash to live off.  Some people, who make money online, do so by just telling other people how to make money online.  It's sort of like a massive pyramid scheme and is kind of sad.  99.99% of cash I make doesn't come from this site – sure I make the odd commission here or there from the affiliate links that I include – but most of my revenue comes from a) building viral websites that attract huge amounts of traffic.  and b) copytrading on websites like etoro and zulutrade.

I don't often share the exact methods I use for building sites – in the viral game, if lots of people start copying you, you tend to stop making money.   But I do share lots of general advice.


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