Welcome to my personal finance site TheCashDiaires.

I've been investing, copy trading and building streams of online income over the past 10 years. On TheCashDiaries I share my favourite and more profitable methods. There are so many opportunities online, and it's hard to know what works and what doesn't. That's why before I write about any investing app or product I make sure to test it out with my own money first. I've used every product that I review on The Cash Diaries and I don't accept paid sponsorships or reviews.

So why should you subscribe to TheCashDiaries? Well if you're looking to build sources of passive income beyond your 9-5 job then this site is for you. That's exactly what I did! Around 2014 I left my startup job and decided to go it alone. I built this blog to keep track of my journey and share the successes and failures I had along the way. I believe that the best way to achieve financial independence is through building multiples streams of income. I've learnt the hard way that you can never rely on just one source of income. My strategy is to create a diverse portfolio of income streams; some of them passive and some of them active.

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