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How to make money investing and trading Cryptocurrency

The best places for Beginners to invest in Bitcoin

Are you looking to get started investing in Bitcoin?  While Bitcoin can seem a little complex to get your head around at first, the good news is that it’s easier than ever to buy bitcoin.  In fact it’s now easier and faster to buy bitcoin than it is to buy stocks.

Bitcoin has a huge potential upside.  It may be volatile, but if you can afford to, adding just a small investment in Bitcoin could pay off big time in the future.  Here are 3 easy ways to get started as a beginner investing in bitcoin.

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How to convert your bitcoin into ethereum

While Bitcoin certainly gets the majority of news coverage and hype, there are thousands of other cryptocurrencies.  Now many of them aren’t worth your time (or money), Ethereum is one altcoin that certainly is.

In this post I’m going to share with you the two easiest ways to convert your Bitcoin into Ethereum.

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5 Popular ways to earn Bitcoin

Now is the time to be accumulating Bitcoin.  If you accumulate now while the price of Bitcoin is so low, you’ll be able to massively increase your holding and net worth as the value inevitably increases.

Here are 5 ways that you can earn extra bitcoin.

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Is Changelly Legit

Changelly is a service which converts one cryptocurrency into another.  For example, if you have Bitcoin and you want to change some of it into Doge, then you simply send it to Changelly and you’ll be sent back Doge.

Due to the sheer number of Cryptocurrencies out there, tools like Changelly are hugely valuable.  I tested out Changelly to see if it was legit and how well it worked.

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The best Litecoin investment sites

Are you looking to start investing in Litecoin?  I’ve put together 4 great options to begin your investment.

So why invest in Litecoin?  Well it’s similar to bitcoin but it has much faster confirmation times.  It works great a supplement to Bitcoin and is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies.  I use it all the time for transferring money between exchanges – because it’s quick and very cheap to use.  Because I find it valuable, I also invest in it.  Here are some of the tools I use to invest in Litecoin:

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5 Places for Margin Trading Bitcoin

Are you looking to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with leverage.  There are a number of platforms that offer margin trading.   These platforms let you open both long and short positions.

Remember that margin trading can be very risky.  I don’t recommend it for those who are new to trading.  Instead your best bet is to just buy some bitcoin and hodl.

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How to trade Bitcoin using PayPal

PayPal is a super convenient way to pay.  It links to your bank account or credit/debit card and allows you to pay for things instantly.   It’s also a super easy way to receive money from people.    But there aren’t many places that allow you to fund your bitcoin trading account with PayPal.

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How to monitor the price of Bitcoin in realtime

Do you want to track the price of Bitcoin in realtime?  If you visit a site like CoinMarketCap, you’re getting a price that is updated every few minutes.  The price is also determined by CoinMarketCap’s own algorithm which can be wildly different to the price on popular exchanges.

So how do you monitor the price in real time?  Here are some free options:

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The tools I use to trade and invest in Cryptocurrency

I’ve been investing in cryptocurrency for the past couple of years.  Even with the recent market downturn, I’ve managed to make a significant profit – way more than my traditional investments.

In this post, I’m going to share with you all the tools i’m currently using to make money with cryptocurrency.  Let me know in the comments what your favorite tools currently are so I can check them out.

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First Look at the eToro Crypto Wallet

The long awaited crypto wallet from eToro has arrived.  The mobile wallet lets you store a number of popular cryptocurrencies for storage or trading.

The wallet is available on both iPhone and Android devices.  I took a look to see how eToro’s continued push into the world of cryptocurrency is coming along with their newest product:

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