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How to make money investing and trading Cryptocurrency

Celebrate Bitcoin’s 10th Birthday with a Song

This is great idea – to celebrate Bitcoin’s 10th Birthday, eToro has created a special ATM that dispenses free bitcoin in return for singing happy birthday

eToro, the trading platform I use, with over ten million registered users, is helping Brits celebrate the tenth anniversary of Bitcoin today by giving away £10,000 worth of the cryptocurrency via a unique ATM machine that’s activated by song.

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eToro cuts trading costs on crypto

eToro announced recently that they had reduced the spread on crypto trading.  This includes bitcoin – the new spread is 50% lower than what it was before.

This is big news if you’re a crypto trader on eToro.  Read on to find out more.

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Get $5 Free to Invest on CoinBundle

Coinbundle is a new cryptocurrency platform that I’ve just started investing in.   I think it’s a great way to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  And the good news is that I’ve got a special offer for you which will give you $5 extra when you invest on Coinbundle.  Read on to find out more.

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Changelly Review – Should you use it?

Changelly is a bitcoin and altcoin exchange, that lets you switch between different coins without having to depositing coins at an exchange.

It’s one of the most popular exchanges out there, so I thought I would test it out and compare it to other popular exchanges.

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How to invest in Bitcoin with just $10

Have you always wanted to invest in bitcoin, but didn’t want to risk a lot of money?  If so then I have good news.  You can started investing in Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies with as little as $10.

Here are three options for investing in bitcoin with a limited amount of cash.  As always,  I’ve used all of these products before.

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How to buy cryptocurrency without any fees

One of the most annoying thing about investing in cryptocurrency are the fees.  Although the fees are nowhere as high as trading traditional stocks, they can still add up.  On most exchanges you pay a small fee every time you buy and sell a coin.

On Coinbase for example there is a 1.49% fee to both buy and sell bitcoin.  So if you wanted to make a profit, the price of Bitcoin would need to rise more than 3% before you take any profit.

But the good news is there is an option for investing in Cryptocurrency without having to pay any fees at all.

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Should you invest in Coinbundle?

This week I signed up for and invested in a new cryptocurrency portfolio service called Coinbundle.  It lets you invest in a cryptocurrency portfolio without any fees.

In my opinon this could be huge for cryptocurrency and investors alike.  So here’s a rundown of what the offering is and how you can get investing in Coinbundle too:

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How to short Ripple

Ripple has recently experienced a meteoric rise.    If you managed to buy and hold Ripple at the right time, you would have made a handy profit.  But it is possible to profit from the inevitable pullback as well.  If you’re looking to short Ripple here are some options on how to make money when the price of Ripple drops.

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Should you invest in Ripple?

Is Ripple a good investment option?  What can it be used for and how is it different from other coins?  Today I’m going to go through some of the Ripple Fundamentals to help you make better investment decisions.

I’ve bought a small amount of Ripple and hopefully this post will help you answer if you should too.  Remember all cryptocurrencies are highly speculative, so only invest what you can afford to lose.

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Copy the Trades made by more experienced Traders

I think CopyTrading is a great way to invest and a great  way to earn a passive income.  I’ve put together a guide on you can copy the trades made my other traders and profit from these trades.

Maybe you’ve tried trading something like binary options and realised that you need more than luck to actually make real money from trading.  Or maybe you’ve tried a forex robot and realised that you need something that doesn’t just work for a 2 weeks before going horribly wrong.

Copytrading is where you automatically copy the trades made by a more experienced traders.  Whenever the trader makes a trade, your account will too.  It’s a great way trade stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies and more without needing to know about trading.

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