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Should you trade on Whaleclub

Whaleclub is a trading platform that lets you trade forex and stocks using Bitcoin.  If you’ve ever wanted to buy stocks or trade the currency markets using your cryptocurrency as a base currency, then whaleclub might be a good choice for you.

But I don’t think Whaleclub is for everyone.  And this post I’m going to break down some of the things you need to be aware of before you start trading.

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Buying Facebook Shares on eToro

The old adage goes – buy low, sell high.

So when Facebook shares dropped to record low levels I thought I’d make a move a buy some through eToro.

Now here is a big disclaimer – Just because a share price has a huge drop, doesn’t mean it’s going to have a huge recovery.  In fact there have been many examples of stocks that continue to fall until they are basically worthless.  So remember that I make these investments partly as an experiment and partly so you guys have some entertaining things to read.

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How much does CopyTrading Cost

Copy Trading is a trading feature that allows you to automatically copy the trades made by more experienced traders.  It’s a legitimate way to trade, a good way to learn more about trading and can also be very profitable.

But how much does it actually cost to get started and what are the ongoing fees and costs involved?  In this post i’m going to break down how much copytrading on eToro costs.

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5 features I love on eToro

eToro is quite a unique broker that differs greatly from traditional brokers.   They use a custom built platform that is built around the concept of combining a social network with a trading platform.  eToro is my broker of choice, so I thought I would run through 5 of the features that make it stand out from the crowd and that I love.

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How to avoid missing the next Bitcoin Bull Run

Suffering from FOMO?  Afraid you’re going to miss out on the next bull run?  I’ve put together some tips to help ease your anxieties.   Bitcoin, after a few months of losses could be set for another bull run.  It’s happened in the past (numerous times).  So here is how to get in on the action without making stupid financial mistakes.

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5 More Traders to copytrade on eToro in 2018

In march of this year, I put together 5 traders who I thought would be interesting picks to copytrade on eToro.  Although there have been difficult times recently in markets around the world, most of those traders have still managed to deliver profitable returns since I wrote the post.

So I thought I would dig through eToro to find 5 more interesting traders who might like to consider copytrading.

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An introduction to forex risk managment

Knowing the basics a risk management is essential for profitable forex trading.   In this guide I’m going to introduce you to a golden rule I like to use and neat technique that absolute beginner forex traders should use.

Let me know in the comments what risk management strategies you like using.

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How to build a diverse copy trading portfolio

You’re probably sick of hearing about diversification.  But there’s probably a good reason why you keep hearing it, and why it’s important.

If you’ve tried copy trading before and lost your money, one of the reasons may have been putting all your eggs in the one basket.  Like all investments, it pays to diversify in copy trading too.  So I’m going to share with you some tips on how to put together a diverse copy trading portfolio.

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How to copy Forex Trades

Have you tried copy trading before?  It’s where you automatically copy the trades of more experienced traders.  It’s a great way to learn more about trading, while getting real world experience.

So in this post i’m going to take you through step by step how to get started copytrading.

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5 Reasons why you should learn to trade

While most people start trading to make money – becoming a successful traders has many other positive side effects apart from the money.   And this is why I think it’s a great skill to learn.  In this post I’m going to run through 5 reasons why I think that everybody should learn to trade:

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