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Getting started trading on XM

XM is a popular forex and commodity trading platform.  I’ve written in the past how I think it’s a good choice for professional traders.  Brand new traders should stick to a platform like etoro, that also offers copy trading.  But if you’re used to trading on MT4 and want access to zero pip spreads, then you might find XM the platform for you.  I’ve put together this little guide on getting setup on the platform.

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Making money investing in shipping containers??

Today I was doing some research into various investments, and came across one that made me do a double take – shipping containers!

Apparently you can invest in shipping containers and earn a fixed return of 12%.    Is it too good to be true?  Are people actually making money from this?  I decided to do some digging and find out more about this alternative investment.

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The easiest way to invest in Litecoin online

I’ve talked about investing in bitcoin and ethereum, but haven’t really mentioned Litecoin.  It’s fairly similar to bitcoin, has been around since 2011, but hasn’t gotten anywhere near the amount of attention the other two cryptocurrencies have.  But that may all be about to change.

Litecoin comes to Coinbase

Coinbase is a popular Bitcoin exchange that allows you to buy and sell bitcoin using a credit card.  It’s a very popular service because it’s easy to use, secure and well designed.

Coinbase has now added Litecoin (alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum) to their exchange.  This is a big deal for Litecoin.  Although you could buy it from other exchanges, by being on Coinbase, there is an added sense of legitimacy.

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Making money trading the French election

The French election is right around the corner.   This election has received a lot of global coverage, mainly because many people believe the outcome will have significant economic impact.  No matter what happens during the election, one thing is certain – there will be extreme volatility in the markets.

The price of Gold could soar, the EUR might drop or the complete opposite – depending on who wins.

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New trading tools now available on eToro

Just a quick update on some of the new tools that etoro has recently launched.  These include new charting capabilities, one click trading and expert trading analysis.  Read on to find out how you can make the most of these.

eToro is a popular copy trading platform – you can copy the trades of successful traders automatically.  To learn more about etoro and how I make money from copy trading, check out my complete etoro guide for 2017.

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An Introduction to Micro Investing

Apparently millennials aren’t saving enough for the future, but a collection of brand new apps targeted towards this market segment could be changing that.

I’ve been conducting my own micro-investing experiments for the past year, and although some people (usually the old farts) seem to think it’s a waste of time, my own micro-investments have grown around 10% over the past year.  Which is as much, or more than their investments.  So while the old farts are refusing to adapt and change, we can embrace new technologies and start investing more.

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Who to copy on etoro: 4exPirate

Continuing on with my series of posts on who to copy on etoro – this time 4exPirate.  Finding people to copy on etoro, can seem a little daunting for new investors.  Hopefully these guides will make your research a little easier.  4exPirate has been around for a long time, and is a popular choice for many first time copy traders.  Here’s my review of his strategy and whether I believe you can money from copying him:

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7 Weird ways you could invest $1000

Getting bored of the stock market?  Sick of getting no interest from your savings?  Looking to blow $1000 on something wild?  Well here are 7 alternative investments that you can get started with for just $1000.  Now I’m not saying any of these are “good” investments – sometimes it’s just fun to experiment.


In recent years the price of wine hasn’t really had much direction.  But it wasn’t too long ago that wine prices were shooting through the roof.  Mainly driven by American and Chinese investors – who let’s be honest, don’t have the best reputation when it comes to knowing about wine.  So crazy money was being spent on wine, and people were getting rich (mainly the auction houses) investing in wine.

So can you too invest in Wine?  Sure, if you have a bottle from a respectable vineyard, from a good vintage, the price should increase as it becomes rarer overtime.  Storing wine is the hard part, so if you’re serious about investing you would put your collection in a specialist wine storage facility.  Just remember to avoid temptation and don’t drink your profits.

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Who to copy on etoro: HedgeHappy

I’ve written a lot about copy trading on this blog and how it can be a profitable trading strategy.    The hardest part has always been finding who to copy on etoro.  So I’m putting together a series of posts highlighting some of the different traders on etoro, that could potentially make up part of your portfolio.

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Use Forex Factory to make more money trading

I wanted to introduce you to Forex Factory a tool I use on a daily basis to stay informed and improve my trading.

Although I spend most of my time copy trading, I still open the odd manual trade.   I believe the key to successful forex trading is education and Forex Factory is one free tool I like to use.

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