How to buy cryptocurrency without any fees

One of the most annoying thing about investing in cryptocurrency are the fees.  Although the fees are nowhere as high as trading traditional stocks, they can still add up.  On most exchanges you pay a small fee every time you buy and sell a coin.

On Coinbase for example there is a 1.49% fee to both buy and sell bitcoin.  So if you wanted to make a profit, the price of Bitcoin would need to rise more than 3% before you take any profit.

But the good news is there is an option for investing in Cryptocurrency without having to pay any fees at all.


Coinbundle is a brand new service that lets you invest in cryptocurrency without any fees.  You basically invest in “bundles” which are made up of coins.  It's a bit like investing in an ETF or other investment fund.  But instead of stocks, you're buying cryptocurrency.

Coinbundle Features

  • No Fees – when you invest $100 in a bundle, you buy $100 worth of the underlying coins.  None of your money goes to advisors or the exchange.
  • Instant purchases – I was able to invest in a bundle within a couple of minutes.  I simply signed up, added funds via a credit card and made a purchase.
  • Expertly put together bundles – You don't need to be an expert in cryptocurrency.  The bundles have been put together by experts and let you invest in a range of coins with one investment.

The Bundles

As of writing, there are 6 different bundles that you can invest in.  The most basic bundle (Conservative 2) is comprised of just Bitcoin and Ethereum.  And it's a great place for people new to cryptocurrency to start off.  But you can also invest in riskier and potentially more aggressive portfolios.  There is a top 20 portfolio which contains the top 20 coins.  And I've personally invested in the “Emerging” portfolio which contains some coins which could become big in the future.

How to buy Cryptocurrency without any fees

Here is how to get started buying cryptocurrency on Coinbundle.

  1. Sign up to Coinbundle here
  2. Choose one of the 6 current portfolios to buy
  3. Choose a $ amount to invest.  It could be as little as $10
  4. Deposit via your credit card
  5. Done!

Why I like investing on Coinbundle

I review and invest in a lot of products on TheCashDiaires, but Coinbundle has gotten me genuinely excited.  Here are some of the things I like about the product:

  • Low $10 Minimum Investment – you can get started investing in cryptocurrency with as little as $10.  I don't like investments that require a huge amount of capital to begin with.    I like being able to grow my position over time.
  • Hands off investing – trying to pick which coins to invest in on your own is tricky and risky.  Investing in a bundle put together by experts makes more sense.  This will be a much more approachable investment to mainstream investors.
  • Great interface – So many crypto exchanges have horrible interfaces that make it really hard to use their products.  Coinbundle has a good looking design which is super easy to use and understand.
  • Backing – Coinbundle is backed by some big name investors.

This is just the beginning

Looking ahead, Coinbundle has an exciting future.  For starters, they are going to allow anyone to great bundles in the future.  And bundle creators will get share in the profits.  This is a bit like copytrading and has me quite excited.

Coinbundle has their own token known as BNDL.    You are distributed this when you make investments on the platform.  Right now you can't do anything with BNDL, but in the future you'll use it to have your say on the platform, create your own investment bundles and even use it to purchase more cryptocurrency.  I'm guessing that those who get in early will get the most BNDL so it pays to be an early adopter.

Find out more about Coinbundle here

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