6 Tools i’m using to grow my net worth in 2018

Here are the tools and apps I'm using in 2018 to grow my net worth and make money.  This year I've been focusing a little less on cryptocurrency and experimenting with stocks.  I've also been investing and saving more through micro investing.


I use Acorns as my savings account.  These days there is no point putting money into a savings bank account.  You'll lose money due to inflation! So I invest it in a diverse portfolio using Acorns.  Acorns really does work, and I've made a 28% return since I started using is a couple of years ago.

What I love most about Acorns is that it works continuously in the background.  Every time I spend, small amounts of money are transferred into my Acorns investment account.  It's a great way to automatically save.  I'm a huge fan of Acorns and plan to use it even more over the coming 12 months by upping my recurring deposits.


I've started doing some trading using my Bitcoin on 1Broker.  1Broker is a Forex and Stock broker that is based on Bitcoin.  Instead of depositing fiat currency, you deposit and trade Bitcoin.  This means you can now trading stocks and forex using Bitcoin!  I love how easy it is to deposit and withdraw, and not having to worry about silly regulations.

Google Sheets

This is most boring tool, but it's also the one I use the most.  Every week I use a spreadsheet to tally up all my trading and banking accounts so I get a picture of what my liquid net worth is.  Most people have no idea what theirs is.  This gives me an idea as to how much I've been spending the past week and how much I've been saving.

Some people like using budgets – I find budgets to be to restrictive and not conducive to a good quality of life.  My approach gives me a good overview of my spending and saving without having to deal with boring budgets.


I use Coinbase to buy Bitcoin.  I love the fact that you can make instant bitcoin purchases and I also like that unlike most cryptocurrency exchanges it has an easy to use and appealing interface.  Coinbase makes cryptocurrency accessible for the masses!  As a company they have developed a strong reputation and are regulated to an extent in the U.S.  I'm not afraid that coinbase is suddenly going to disappear overnight.

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For all my Alt-coin purchases I use CoinSpot.  Unfortunately it's only available in Australia.  But for Australians, congrats, you have access to the best cryptocurrency seller out there.  You can buy and sell cryptocurrency using your bank account with instant deposits (Thanks to PoLi).  And they have a huge range of alt-coins as well as all the most popular cryptocurrencies.

So these are the tools I'm using this year.  Let me know in the comments what tools you've been using.

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