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eToro October First Deposit Bonus

eToro copytrading tipsNew to social trading?  Then good news – you can get started with up to $1000 in extra etoro credits to copy other traders and start investing in the social trading revolution.

I recommend copying between 1-5 people on etoro and investing between $100-$200 in each trader.  This way you spread your risk.  With a $1k bonus you’ll easily be able to copytrade 5 people. Continue reading

How I made Twitter useful again

I didn’t really use Twitter that much.  My account posted the odd thing here and and there and and every  tweet was almost exclusively a link to this website.  And I found I wasn’t really enjoying it.  But I knew there had to be more to Twitter.  There was a community here, and I just need to find it.

Here are some steps I took to taking control of my Twitter account and how I started finding a use for the platform.

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How to be like a millionaire

Be like a millionaireNo, being like a millionaire doesn’t mean driving around in a ferrari, drinking expensive champagne and splashing your cash on luxury goods.  In fact, that’s a pretty good way to lose your money.  In fact, if you look a the lifestyles of many millionaires you’d be surprised just how frugal they are.  It’s all about getting into the millionaire mindset.

Have a Diverse set of incomes

Even though many millionaires are known for running one company, if you look into their finances you’ll see they actually have quite diverse incomes.   They’ll earn money from a salary, investments and running small side companies.    Millionaires know that a single source of income can’t be relied on.  It could disappear at any time.   Continue reading

Acorns update. How I did in September

Acorns LogoAnother month and another acorns update.  I use the micro-investing app to put my spare change to use.  It automatically transfers my spare change into an investment account and helps me save without even knowing it.

I think Acorns is a great way for young people to start saving.  It requires no effort and you don’t need to worry about making regular contributions.

Here’s how my account performed in September:

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eToro First Deposit Bonus

eToro is the worlds leading social trading platforms with millions of users.  I’ve used etoro for the past couple of years and had a lot of success.  If you haven’t yet tried eToro, then before you sign up make sure you take advantage of this special first deposit bonus.   Using a bonus is a great way to top up your account with extra cash to trade with and increase your chances of success. Continue reading

Making money with Banc de Binary

Banc De BinaryIs it possible to make money with Banc De Binary?  Are people actually using the platform and making a profit.  I’ve tried it out and want to share with you how I feel about Banc De Binary and whether it’s a legitimate way to make money. Continue reading

My Acorns Money Making Update for August

Acorns investing spare changeI use acorns to automatically invest my spare change.  And I’ve been keeping track of how this investment has performed.

I don’t really do much, just check in once a month and see how everything has performed.  All of the investment is done entirely automatically.  That’s my idea of passive income!   Now while i don’t expect to make a fortune, I am hoping that acorns will perform better then just having my cash sit in a bank account.   Continue reading

Make Money with SwagBucks

SwagbucksI’ve written in the past that I believe Swagbucks is probably the easiest way to make money online.  And I thought I would go into a little more detail as to exactly how you can make money on Swagbucks and just how much you can make.

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August eToro Bonus – Get up to $1000

Another month, another etoro bonus.  Are you ready to start trading on eToro?  Well no may be the perfect time for you as etoro is running a promotion where you can get a bonus of up to $1000 when you join.

That’s certainly a whole lot of extra etoro credit that you can use to copy trade, buy stock cfd’s or trade forex.  If you want to learn more about etoro check out this guide on how to make money with etoro.

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Use SEMRush to Get more traffic

semrush trafficThe more traffic you have the more money you can make.  It’s a pretty simple concept.  But what’s not simple is how you actually get that traffic.  It can sometimes seem like a bit of a dark art, with so much conflicting information.  So it’s best to stick to the basics.  And for my basic SEO work I like to use SEMRush.

I started using SEMRush a little over a year ago, to help build traffic to my authority and niche sites, and I managed to increase traffic across the board.

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