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2017 Guide to Profitable eToro Trading

etoro 20172016 was a crazy year with all the odd world events happening.  But through all that turmoil I still managed to turn quite a decent profit on the copy trading platform eToro.   As it stands I’ve made around a 22% return on the year.  That’s pretty incredible and has been the most profitable of all my investments.  My “high interest” savings account had a measly 2% return 🙁

A lot has happened on eToro over the past 12 months.   The product has continued to develop and evolve and I wanted to put together a post for 2017 on what I believe is the best and more reliable way to make money with etoro for the year ahead.

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Making money with Acorns – November Update

Acorns investing spare changeSo I missed a month in sharing how I was going with my savings side project.  November was a busy month and I didn’t have much time to write.  But enough with the excuses, here is how I went.

For those who don’t know, Acorns is a little app that will transfer money from your bank account into an investment account automatically.  It rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar and transfers this amount into the account.  So the more you spend the more you’ll invest.  I like how it just works magically in the background and I don’t need to do anything.

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How to stop losing money on Plus500

Plus500So you’ve signed up to plus500, deposited some money, and opened some trades.  But surprise surprise, you’re not making any money.  In fact you start see you positions going south and you begin losing money.  What have you done wrong?  And what can you do stop losing money and start profiting. Continue reading

eToro Launches CopyFunds

etoro copyfundseToro has just announced a really cool new investment product CopyFunds.  I think this could be really profitable for a lot of people and wanted to share with you how it works.

CopyFunds allows you to invest in a group of assets that are bundled together.    These are a great alternative investment in the current low interest landscape.

You can choose to invest in a variety of different bundles such as “Big Banks” or “Tech companies”.  You can also invest in bundles of etoro investors such as “active traders” Continue reading

Become a Pro Trader on eToro

eToro Pro TradingeToro is the hugely popular social trading network with millions of users.  At it’s heart are the pro traders who other people copy and make money from.  And being a pro trader has it’s benefits.  You’ll earn a cash bonus for every person who copy trades you on etoro.  This is a great way to boost your income.  In fact the top traders will earn very large amounts of extra cash – more than enough for a 6 figure salary.

Here are my tips for becoming a pro trader on eToro.  This is a post for those with trading experience.  If you’re new to trading and want to let others do the hard analysis, then you should read this post about being a copy trader.  It’s what I do and it’s been really successful for me.

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How to make money from Copy Trading

etoro webtrader new versionCopy Trading is a relatively new financial concept which is continuously gaining momentum.   The best way to think of copy trading is if you took a social network such as facebook and mashed it together with a trading platform.   Continue reading

Make an Extra $1000 per month

Make $1000 extraI was recently thinking about how I would go about making an extra $1000 per month from scratch.  If I didn’t own any current investments or websites – what would I do?  So i’ve put together what I think are the easiest, most reliable ways to make an extra $1000 per month.  Now although all of these methods can net $1k, its probably going to be easiest to work on more than one.

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eToro October First Deposit Bonus

eToro copytrading tipsNew to social trading?  Then good news – you can get started with up to $1000 in extra etoro credits to copy other traders and start investing in the social trading revolution.

I recommend copying between 1-5 people on etoro and investing between $100-$200 in each trader.  This way you spread your risk.  With a $1k bonus you’ll easily be able to copytrade 5 people. Continue reading

How I made Twitter useful again

I didn’t really use Twitter that much.  My account posted the odd thing here and and there and and every  tweet was almost exclusively a link to this website.  And I found I wasn’t really enjoying it.  But I knew there had to be more to Twitter.  There was a community here, and I just need to find it.

Here are some steps I took to taking control of my Twitter account and how I started finding a use for the platform.

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How to be like a millionaire

Be like a millionaireNo, being like a millionaire doesn’t mean driving around in a ferrari, drinking expensive champagne and splashing your cash on luxury goods.  In fact, that’s a pretty good way to lose your money.  In fact, if you look a the lifestyles of many millionaires you’d be surprised just how frugal they are.  It’s all about getting into the millionaire mindset.

Have a Diverse set of incomes

Even though many millionaires are known for running one company, if you look into their finances you’ll see they actually have quite diverse incomes.   They’ll earn money from a salary, investments and running small side companies.    Millionaires know that a single source of income can’t be relied on.  It could disappear at any time.   Continue reading

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