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Can you make money from Forex Robots?

You’ve probably seen the popup ads which promise you can make guaranteed profits using a fool proof automated forex robot.  If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is.  So can you really make money from forex robots?

Robots offer the promise of sit back and relax trading while the “smart” robot calls all the shots.   The software is programmed to open and close trades when certain market conditions are met.

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Get free etoro credits with trading clubs

eToro recently changed how first time deposit bonuses work on their platform.  Instead of a bonus you are given access to a trading club which gives you a free credits to invest on etoro depending on how much you choose to initially deposit.

An Introduction to eToro’s Trading Clubs

The trading clubs are really just a rebranding of the bonus system.  From a trading perspective, if you’re a  new trader on etoro, you can still get free credits to trade when you make your first deposit.  So even though there is a new name, you’ll still be able to trade you free credits 🙂

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Trading Ethereum online and making money

Almost everyone has heard of Bitcoin.  Ethereum on the otherhand is not as well known.  For those who are less technically inclined, it’s also harder to wrap your head around some of the concepts.   I wanted to share with you a brief overview of the technology and possible opportunities in making money:

What is Ethereum

Ethereum is an open source platform that uses blockchain technology.   Developers can build software applications that run on the Ethereum network.    Bitcoin is also based on a blockchain but it has one specific purpose – to be used as a currency.   Continue reading

These are the top performing traders on eToro

eToro is the worlds largest social trading network.  And as such, there are millions of people to potentially copy trade.  So narrowing down who to follow can be a bit of a challenge.   I’ve put together a list of the top performing traders based on this page from etoro which tracks the top performers in 2016.

Here are some of the top performing traders on etoro.  This doesn’t include the one-hit wonders, but rather traders who performed over all of 2016 consistently.

So if you’re looking for some ideas on who to trade, here are my top picks.  I’ll be updating this page throughout the year as things change.

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Making money from the Bitcoin Trust ETF

 A new Bitcoin ETF (exchange traded fund) is about to be either approved or denied by the SEC. This could have a huge impact on the price of bitcoin.

Over the past few months, the bitcoin price has been soaring.  As I write this post it’s trading at $1,149.   Many people see the recent price rise as a direct result of this upcoming ETF.   The Bitcoin Trust, will be the first ever cyrtopcurrency ETF and will give bitcoin a huge amount of additional exposure.   Because of this increased exposure, the price has been rising, and many people have been predicting further upward moves if the fund is approved.

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My Acorns App Update for March 2017

Another month, another Acorns update…

I’ve been using the Acorns investment app for the past few months and have been sharing my experiences here.  With all these new investing apps, and products, it’s hard to know if they actually work.  So I hope by sharing my results, I’ll encourage more people to look beyond the traditional products and explore all the cools new investing tools out there.

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Making money from Forex Scalping

This is the first in a series of posts on the different techniques for making money with forex.  Today I’m going to introduce you to Forex Scalping.

Forex Scalping is a technique of trading where positions are opened and closed very quickly and usually not help for very long at all.  A position can be opened and closed in less than a minute.

This forex trading strategy is often seen as less risky than more fundamental methods.  But is it really less risky and can anyone do it?  Well read on to find out if this method is for you…

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Can you profit from the Snapchat IPO?

So Snapchat (or Snap, as the company is known), is about to IPO.  There has been a lot of excitement and media attention around this offering and the time has just about arrived for the company to go public.

Now the question is – will you be investing in Snap?  And can you make any money from this deal?

Here are some things to consider before jumping in:

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New Currencies and ETFs come to eToro

eToro has been busy adding new currencies and ETFs to their platform, further expanding the huge range of products you can trade.   eToro now has one of the largest selection of investments available and it’s good to see them adding new products every month or so.


Most of the new currencies added are European pairs.  Useful if you’re into trading the euro and looking for arbitrage opportunities around Europe. Continue reading

A guide to forex market hours – What time is best to make money

Knowing what time the forex market operates is an essential part of being a pro trader.  But it’s also not enough to just know when you can trade, you also need a solid understanding of the best times to trade.  This will help you avoid any pitfalls by opening trades during quiet times or just when there is going to be a burst of movement.

So let’s begin by finding out when the markets actually trade…

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