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How to invest in Bitcoin CFDs

The price of bitcoin is currently surging.  So now may be the perfect time to get started investing in Bitcoin.  And the best way to make money in Bitcoin is through CFDs.

A CFD allows you to trade the underlying asset (in this case bitcoin) without having to actually take delivery of it.  And here is why I think that it’s much easier to invest with a CFD as opposed to actually buying bitcoin: Continue reading

How I’m making money online in 2017

2017 is here.  Let’s hope it’s a better year than 2016 was 🙂 I always feel motivated at the start of the year, which makes it the perfect time to refocus, start on a new project or breathe new life into existing ones.

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eToro now accepts CashU

Looking for a forex broker that accepts CashU?  Look no further than eToro.  They have recently announced they will accept the popular middle eastern payment method CashU.

CashU is extremely popular in middle eastern countries where credit cards aren’t as accessible.  If you play online games or shop online in arabic countries you’ll already be really familiar with CashU.  This will make etoro even more accessible for people in these countries.

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Making money with CopyFunds

A little while ago, my favorite investing platform etoro, launched CopyFunds.    I wanted to write a little post about my experiment with CopyFunds and whether or not it’s a viable investment.

What is a CopyFund?

The idea behind etoro’s copyfunds is simple.  They group together the top performing traders on their platform and allow you to invest in them as a group.

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2017 Guide to taking control of your Finances

Money2017 is here.   At the beginning of each year, I like to do a sort of stocktake, where I look at my current financial situation and figure out what is working and what I can do better.    It’s important to not bury your head in the sand and let things get out of hand.

So this year, spend a little time getting your finances in order – it’ll really pay off over the coming year.

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eToro’s Best Ever Deposit Bonus

eToro copytrading tipsI’ve just heard about a brand new deposit bonus available on etoro.  For a limited time you can now get up $4000 in etoro credits when you make a first deposit.  Unlike the usual offer, this one is only open for a limited time so make sure you take advantage of it while you can. Continue reading

Making money with XM

XM is a popular forex broker.  I wanted to share with some strategies for using XM and hopefully making some money.  I’ve used XM in the past to put to practice my forex scalping method.

Get Started with $30 free

You can try XM risk free with a $30 no deposit bonus.  Using the bonus offer is a good way to get familiar with the platform – especially if you’ve never used an MT4 broker before.

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XM Forex Now Offers a $30 No Deposit Bonus

Popular Forex trading platform is now offering a $30 no deposit bonus!

Most platforms offer some kind of bonus but coming across a genuine no deposit is rare.  I’m not sure how long XM is planning to offer this, but I suggest you jump on it while you still have the chance.

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December eToro Bonus

eToro copytrading tipsLooking to get yourself an investment this Christmas?  Then make sure you take advantage of the eToro deposit bonus.  This December you’ll be able to get an extra $1000 when you start copytrading on etoro.   CopyTrading is easy – but if you’re new to the concept, make sure you check out the copytrading guide I put together. Continue reading

Commission free share trading in Australia

In the U.S it’s currently possible to buy shares without paying a commission.  In Australia though we’re not so lucky.  Brokers usually charge around $19 per order.  So in order to buy and then sell shares, you’ll be stuck paying around $40.  And that figure grows much higher depending on the size of your order.

This means, that unless your trading at least $1000+ at a time, it’s really not worth buying a few shares here and there.


But things are changing….

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