Whaleclub First Deposit Bonus

Whaleclub is a new type of trading platform where you can trade stocks, forex and commodities using bitcoin.  It works just like other trading platforms, but instead of using fiat currency, all trading is done using digital currency.

I think it's a unique concept, and I'm certain that we'll start seeing more trading platforms like this.

So if you're looking to put your bitcoin to work and start using it as a currency, then you should take a look at Whaleclub.

First Deposit Bonus

Whaleclub are currently offering a deposit bonus.  When you make a deposit you can get 30% extra added to your account.

The bonus is gradually added to your account based on your trading volume.   Even if your trades are end up in the negative, you'll still get the bonus.  Effectively it's like insurance against losing trades.

Whaleclub allows you to withdraw your deposit and the released bonus amount at any point in time.

How to claim your bonus

Claiming your bonus is easy.  Just note that after you sign up, you need to make a deposit within a certain period of time or you won't be claim the bonus.  You'll get a reminder email, so you don't forget.  Here's how to get your extra 30%

  1. Join Whaleclub here – it's free to sign up
  2. Make a deposit.   Your bonus will be automatically added to your account.

After making a deposit, using either Bitcoin or Dash, you'll be able to start trading instantly.  Remember, Whaleclub doesn't allow you to deposit in fiat currency.  If you don't currently have any digital currency you'll need to use a third party exchange (such as coinbase).

Starting with a practice account

If you're new to trading, then I wouldn't recommend using real money to begin.  Whaleclub does offer a free practice account that works just like a real account, so you can open and close trades and practice.  If you're unable to make money using a practice account, then don't switch to a real account  – you'll just lose your money.

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