The Best Three Alternatives to Godaddy

gd_logoI'm not gonna jump on the Godaddy Hating train.  I don't mind buying domains there.  But recently I've found their prices to be too expensive.  Domains are a commodity and I'll go wherever it's cheapest + easiest to register.  Godaddy used to have lots of coupons to get cheap domains, but they've now limited these so you can only use them once.  Which for someone who owns hundreds of domains is not going to work.  So here are my favorite alternatives to Godaddy.

iWantMyName – the minimalist choice

If you're looking to quickly register a domain with all the upsell that you get on Godaddy and other providers, then iWantMyName is for you.   It is focused solely on domain registration.  No hosting, no marketing offers.  iWantMyName also has probably the largest base of domain extensions to register.  It's particularly good for international extensions.  I've registered lots of domains here and never had any issues.

NameCheap – the true Godaddy alternative

Looking for a product as close to Godaddy as possible, then try NameCheap.  Ironically, I've never found them to be as cheap as GoDaddy, but they have a nicely designed website and a similar range of products to GoDaddy.

NameBright – the domainers choice

Looking for dirt cheap domain registrations?  Then NameBright is the place to go.  It's owned by a prominent domain investor and so it's been designed from the ground up to cater to this crowd.  It has the cheapest .com registrations I could find – they claim to offer at cost pricing.    I've used NameBright to handle some of my more valuable domains.

So there you have it three really good alternatives to GoDaddy.  Who do you use to register domains?  Let me know why in the comments.

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