My Acorns Money Making Update for August

Acorns investing spare changeI use acorns to automatically invest my spare change.  And I've been keeping track of how this investment has performed.

I don't really do much, just check in once a month and see how everything has performed.  All of the investment is done entirely automatically.  That's my idea of passive income!   Now while i don't expect to make a fortune, I am hoping that acorns will perform better then just having my cash sit in a bank account.  

August 2016 Results:

Starting Balance: $516.72
Deposits this Month: $109.61
Ending Balance: $626.41

Income This Month: $0.08
All Time Income: $26.57

So I've added an all time income figure, just so you can see how it adds up month over month.  Not much growth this month.  Hopefully the investments do better next month.  However I did a good job on depositing this month meeting my $100 a month target.



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