My Acorns Investment Update for May

Acorns LogoSo I've been tracking how my tiny investment with the micro-investment app acorns has been performing.  I love the idea of micro-investing – I think it's the future.  So I'm really excited to track how it goes on here.

To bring you up to speed, Acorns is a mobile app witch automatically rounds up your spare change from purchases and transfers it into an investment account.

How I went in May:

Starting Balance: $136.30
May Deposits: $87.88
Current Balance: $229.22

May Income: $5.05
Total Income: $7.07

Summing Up…

So it's continued to grow.  With an investment like this, its entirely possible to see negative numbers so early on.  But that's not the case.   Sure the income is tiny at the moment, but i've only deposited a bit over $200.

My goal last month was to have at least $100 of deposits.  With Acorns you can transfer additional money across at any time.  And I didn't quite transfer enough to hit my goal.  I'll try to hit that same target this coming month.

Do you use Acorns?  How is it performing for you?  Let me know in the comments.


  1. Thanks for sharing your real world experience with Acorns. I don’t really read much about this trading app online from actual users but I like the concept. It really takes a lot of the thinking out of investing and automates it which is a great way to build up a nice portfolio over time, bit by bit. Most of the people in the dividend blogging community use standard brokers or some of the new sites/apps like Loyal3 or Robinhood. Keep building that portfolio of yours bit by bit.

    • Thanks! Sadly Robinhood isn’t available where I live. I use a standard broker here as well and own a small portfolio of shares. But I just love how Acorns works without me having to think about it.

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