My Acorns Investment Update for April

Acorns Investment UpdateLast month I wrote about how I had started using the micro-investment app Acorns.  I thought I would share with you how it's performing, as when I started using it, it was hard to find information on other people's experience.

How does Acorns Work…

Well it simply invests your spare change.  When you make a purchase using a linked bank account (such as when you pay with a debit card), Acorns rounds up to the nearest dollar and transfers that money into an investment account.  It all happens automatically behind the scenes.  I don't even notice the money coming out of my account.

How my Account has Performed:

I'm still in the really early days of using Acorns but here are the results:

Total Deposits: $134.28
Account Value: $136.30

Income: $2.02

So as you can see i've made a measly $2.  But hey – I've only invested $100.  I'll look to invest another $100 this month.  If that doesn't happen using roundups, I'll manually invest extra (which acorns makes it super easy to do.  You can invest as little as $5).  I'll post another update next month.

Have you tried Acorns? Or maybe another micro-investment app?  Let me know your expereince by leaving a comment.

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