Making money with Stumbleupon and Adsense

StumbleuponI wanted to share with you a method for making money online that I've been using on and off for the past few years.  I don't really use it much anymore, so I thought I would share with you how it works.

What is StumbleUpon

You are probably already familiar with Stumbleupon but here  is a quick run down for those who don't.  SU, is a social network where you “stumble” from page to page on the internet.  It's a great way to waste time.  You simply choose your interests and then start stumbling.

Pages are submitted to Stumbleupon manually by members.  Any member can add a page to the site.

A page that gets lots of likes on StumbleUpon will potentially recieve thousands and thousands of visitors each month from SU.

What Content Works Best on StumbleUpon?

Viral.  Anything that would get lots of views on Reddit or other viral sites, will work really well on Stumbleupon.  In fact, I use Reddit as inspiration to craft blog posts that are similar to the most popular reddit items.

Can you use Stumbleupon with Adsense?

Yes.  I've been doing so successfully for the past few years.  There was a point where I was making hundreds of dollars a day, just from SU traffic.  That didn't last for long and soon settled down to less than $100 per day.

The most important thing is ensuring that you follow all of adsense's policies and don't try and break any rules.  Don't flood the page with adsense units, but make sure the unit you do use (i only used one), is situated in a clickable and visible location.

It's also important that content you create isn't complete junk. Make sure there is something more than pictures, if you're sharing viral memes, add some commentary to go alongside the pictures.  Make sure you also give proper attribution to any media use.

How to Submit Pages to Stumbleupon

Here's the secret sauce.  Don't just start submitting page after page of your own.  It's important to submit a wide variety of pages, from a wide variety of sources. I like to submit 5 or so random links from other websites and then throw in one of my own.  If you just submit content from the same site, your account will be flagged and SU will send a total of zero visitors.  Not so good.

In Conclusion

I wanted to write this post to dispel some of the myths I was reading about Stumbleupon.  Yes, it is still possible to make money with SU.  And it is possible with adsense.  You just need to make sure you're submitting the right content, at the right intervals.

Let me know in the comments if you've used this method to make money online.

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    I just started using Stumble upon and my pages impressions increased a lot but i am not getting clicks to my ads what is your recommendation on this? Thank you in advance

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