Make $200 This Month on Swagbucks

This past month I've been conducting a little project to see if I could make $200 on the side with Swagbucks.  Good news is I've just past that total.  I'm going to show you show you too can make $200 in a month on Swagbucks.  

Completing 10 Surveys a Day

In order to earn around $200 a month, you're going to have to be consistent.  That means checking into the site on a daily basis.  I did this in the evenings while I was watching TV.   So I was making use of time I would have been spending on my phone lazing about anyway.

I did around 10 surveys a day.  Some of them were really short and took like 2 minutes, others would take around 15 minutes.  I would always do the most valuable surveys first and work down.  The good things about Swagbucks is that there were always more surveys available then I had time to complete.  So if you have more time, there is a chance to increase your earnings

Signing up for free offers

There are often a number of offers on Swagbucks such as downloading an iOS app, or signing up for a free trial of a service.  I completed a number of these.  These offers usually pay way more than surveys.  You can make a few dollars in a couple of minutes.

I made sure I didn't pay for anything either.  I didn't want to spend money to make money.


I made a little bit of money from cashback.  But what I didn't do was go out of my way to spend more than I usually would.  I earnt cashback on expenses I would have made anyway.    For example, I regularly shop at Asos for my clothes.  So it made sense to click through to Asos from swagbucks to make sure I got some money for doing what I was already doing.

Don't be tempted to buy things that you normally wouldn't buy just for some cashback.

Inviting Friends

I also made a small amount of money from inviting people to Swagbucks.  This is really cool because it allows me to earn money by not doing anything.  All you have to do is share the referral link found in your swagbucks account.  I know some people who earn 99% of their swagbucks from referrals.

If you want to really increase your earnings, why not create a blog like this and track and share your earnings with the world.  It gives you a great opportunity to share your referral link and make extra money.

In Conclusion

So it's entirely possible to make some extra money with Swagbucks on the side.  It's not particularly stimulating or fun.  But it does work.  So if you're looking to make some extra money while watching TV then you should give Swagbucks a try.

Have you been using Swagbucks?  Let me know in the comments how it's been working out for you

You can sign up for a free Swagbucks account here.


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