How to massively increase your affiliate earnings

Image_1_Final_3Here's a little tip that I recently implemented on one of my websites and increased my affiliate conversions by a massive 60%.  So if you're into affiliate marketing or own your own website and looking to profit from affiliate marketing then read on.

Ever noticed a popup appear on a page when you are about leave?  These are know as exit offers and they are a powerful way to capture additional leads.

How do Exit Offers Work

Exit offers use a script to detect when a user's mouse leaves the web page and shows a non obtrusive modal box overlay on the page.  This grabs the users attention just as they were about to leave and gives you another chance to sell to them.

What Content Works best in Exit Offers

You need content that is going to reach out and grab a user.  Remember, they were trying to leave, so they haven't been completely sold on what you're selling.  Discounts work really well.  So does giving away free stuff.

How I use Exist Offers with Affiliate Marketing

One of the best way to sell affiliate offers is through email marketing.  So one of the techniques I use to build my email marketing list is giving away a free bonus when people register with my newsletter.    This is a really effective strategy and it's massively increase my conversions.  So the strategy in dot points:

  1. Create an email marketing list
  2. Create a “free bonus item” like an ebook or report.
  3. Use PicReel to sign up people to your list by offering the freebie.
  4. Post to your email marketing list!  I use an autoresposnder to push an affiliate offer one day after people sign up.  This returns massive conversions.

How to implement exit offers

The best way is using a service such as Picreel (which I use).  They allow you to set up multiple campaigns and test out different types of offers.  It's a hugely powerful marketing suite and I can't recommend it enough.

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  1. This is very helpful. I have several affiliate relationships that aren’t bringing in much money at all. One of my February goals is to produce a free opt in option to build my newsletter. Thanks for sharing!

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