Does Pay? They Sure Do is a way to make money from links.  Basically, they insert an add in between your site and the destination link.  It's a great way to make money on certain websites.  If you have the type of content that people just want to have, then this type of monetization works really well.  I use it in conjunction with popcash.

The most important thing about these ad networks is the money!  I've tried other networks (i'm looking at you linkbucks) and have had problems. on the other hand seem to be extremely reliable.  I always get paid out on time.  At the moment, my earnings aren't nothing to write home about.  Literally just a few dollars a month.    Compared to what I make using popcash, which is in the few thousands.  But I only use on a very small percentage of the traffic I get.  Now that they've proven to be a reliable and well paying partner over the last 6+ months, I'm going to be ramping up and adding their ad codes to more pages.

So gets a big thumbs up from me.


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