5 Finance Books every millennial should read

What's the best way to get a financial education?  You're certainly not going to get it at school.  I don't think we were taught anything at all about personal finance during school.  I think the best way to give yourself an education in personal finance is to read.

There are so many books on personal finance and investing, and many of them have contradicting view points.  But that's the great thing about reading – you can expose yourself to different ideas and then form your own opinions.

Here are 5 books on finance that have had an impact on my life.    Let me know in the comments what books you've read and recommend 🙂

The Intelligent Investor

In my opinion this is the best book ever written on stock investing.  This will teach you the fundamentals of stock trading and how to be a better investor.  It's a long book, but not at all difficult to understand.  So even if you're completely new to stocks, you can pick this up and read it.   This book advocates understanding the core of a business and holding stock for a long period of time.

The behaviour gap

Have you ever wanted to know why people lose money from investing in the stock market?  Then this is the book for you.  Reading this book hopefully will stop you from making some of the bad decisions that many people make and using more logic in your decision making.  Super easy to understand.

The millionaire next door

If you're new to Personal Finance, then I recommend you read this first.   It will dispel some of the myths of millionaires and breaks down their habits and what actually makes them successful.  I love personal finance, and I love investing, and this book sparked that passion inside of me.

The millionaire fastlane

In the introduction of this post, I talked about how many books in this niche had contradicting ideas.  Well this is one of those books, and I think it is excellent.  It theorises that the best to get ahead is to not invest in the stock market and save money like everyone else, but take risks and chances to build a business.  You don't have to agree with everything in this book to not find value in it.  It completely changed how I approached wealth creation and had a massive impact on my net worth.

The four hour work week

I read this book when I was still a young teen and it completely changed me.  The four hour workweek got me thinking about all the opportunities in the world and changed how I approached life.  This book has been a popular bestseller for ages.  This book isn't about working just 4 hours a week, but more about working smarter.

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