4 Different Ways to Invest in Cryptocurrency with just $10

Looking to get started investing in Cryptocurrency?  Here are 4 different options where you can invest with as little as $10.  Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile.  So being able to start with just a small amount of capital lets you try things out without the risk of making a stupid financial mistake.    So here are my 4 favourite options:


Coinbase is probably one of the most popular places to invest in crypto – especially for beginners.  And for good reason.  They make the entire process super easy.  Using Coinbase, you can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a number of other popular cryptos with a credit card or bank transfer.

I think Coinbase is the best option for those looking to dip their toe in the water and make a small investment.  In fact you can get started with as little as $10.    Coinbase gives you a free could based wallet to store your cryptocurrency in.  Or you can download the excellent “Wallet” app by Coinbase which lets you securely take full control over your crypto.

Coinbase only offers a few cryptos.  I think that's a good thing.  Most alt coins turn out to be bad investments.  So for beginners it's best to start with Bitcoin.


I started using Coinbundle earlier this year and I've been super impressed with the product.  Coinbundle, as the name suggests, bundles together a number of cryptos into simple investments.  It's a bit like investing in a managed fund.  They handle putting together the bundles and rebalancing your portfolio.

While I think it's pretty smart to own a small amount of Bitcoin, I think there is potential upside in a lot of other coins too.  Knowing which ones to pick can be tricky.  That's why I like Coinbundle.  I can invest in all the popular coins in one simple investment and get exposure to a larger range of coins.

You can start investing in Coinbundle with as little as $10.


If you're looking to take your investing/trading to the next level and want to get exposure to dozen more coins and a more powerful platform – take a look at Binance.  There are lots of crypto exchanges out there.  But there aren't many I trust.  Binance is one of the exchanges I do trust.  They've built up a solid reputation over the past 2 years.  They are now one of the most popular exchanges.

Traditional Platforms

Over the past couple of years, traditional investing platforms have started added crypto trading.  So if you come from the world of stock or forex trading, you can now trade cryptos alongside your other, traditional investments.  XM is the platform I recommend to most people.  You can get started with a small amount of capital and trade forex, commodities and of course cryptocurrencies.  If you're new to trading, I would start with something like Coinbase first.  XM is more for experienced traders.

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