Here’s Your Mediatemple Discount for August

Mediatemple CouponHere's a special offer for Cash Diary readers.  You can get a massive 33% discount

This blog, like many of my other sites runs on MediaTemple hosting.  Years ago I used to use basic shared hosting, but  I soon discovered that my sites were going down all the time, the speed was really bad and when I wanted to run certain scripts they didn't have the required software installed on their servers.

Mediatemple is like shared hosting on Steroids.  What i love is the power and control.  I can change PHP versions with a click of a button, my site is hosted on a clustered architecture, so it never goes down and everything runs on SSD storage so it's super fast.

If you've been disappointed with your existing shared hosting and looking for something more professional but not as complex as a vps, then you should try Mediatemple.

August 2016 Mediatemple Discount – 33%

Here's how to claim your 33% discount off all Shared and WordPress hosting..

  1. Visit this page, you'll see the discount applied automatically.

I'ts that easy.  Enjoy.  Make sure you subscribe to this blog to get more discounts and special offers to run your online business.

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