The laziest way to make money online

make money with surveysI was thinking today about what would be the easiest and laziest way to make money online.  It would need to be some method that didn't require much creativity or effort and that could be used by anyone, no matter their experience.

And I came to the conclusion….

Online Surveys

Do you know those sites that pay you for completing surveys, clicking links and viewing ads.  I wasn't even sure if these types of sites existed, let alone if they would make you any money.

So I asked around a few of my personal finance blogger friends and discovered that not only did these sites actually exist, but many of the were easily making an extra hundred dollars a month by essentially just filling out surveys and using a search engine.

It won't make you rich

It's not going to make you rich.  I don't know of anyone making anything close to a full time income from online survey sites.  But it could add just a little extra cash to your monthly income.

Whats the best site?

From my interviews with finance bloggers, I soon discovered they were all pretty much talking about the same site – Swagbucks.  It's been around for years and years and apparently they have paid their members over $100 million.  Which let's be honest, is pretty awesome.

So how do you make money on Swagbucks?  Well there are a few different ways.  The easiest is filling out surveys.  The amount you get paid, varies on how long the survey takes you to complete.  You get paid in swagbucks which can be converted into Gift cards or paypal cash.  You can also earn by changing your search engine to one powered by swagbucks, shopping (and getting cash back) and other various competitions and such.  If you were to dedicate half an hour to swag bucks each day, I'm completely convinced you could make $100 a month.

So there you have it, my lazy and easy method for making money online.  What do you think – can you think of something simpler?

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