The Aussie Method is a Scam

Aussie Method is a ScamI'm sick of seeing it to be honest.  It pops up (literally) all over the place.  Usually with an annoying video.  And sadly there are a ton of people who are falling for this crap.  

What is the Aussie Method

The aussie method is simply a scam that tries to get you to sign up for a binary options website.    After you input your email on the homepage, you are redirected to a page to sign up for a binary options site and deposit money.  They try and tell you that have a “method” where you can consistently win on your binary options trades.  But as any forex trader will tell you, this is complete B.S.

How can you tell this is a scam?

Most people lose money on Binary options because it is impossible to predict how the markets will react.  Experienced traders spends years learning technical and fundamental analysis and even they don't win all the time.  The aussie method tries to fool you into believing that you read a trend on a chart and then make a trade the will capitalise on this trend.  Having made thousands of trades myself and a fully public trading profile I can tell you this is absolute and complete B.S.

The amounts claimed to be made by so called members of the aussie method are complete b.s as well.  If you're making millions of dollars, you don't create a site like that!

Furthermore if you take a look at some of the images of people on the site, you can see these have simply been lifted from stock photos site – they aren't real people.  That person claiming to be “Jake Perdu” is just a paid actor.  This alone is a huge red flag, but combine it with all the other bs and you know this is a flat out scam.

Stay far, far away.

Don't fall for this site or any of the other binary options “get rich quick” schemes.  You'll simply deposit your money only to find it gets wiped out.

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