Slow and Steady

Time.  It's the number one money maker.  I wish I had more of it.  But unfortunately everyday you're only given a certain amount and you can't fast forward or rewind, it just goes on at the same rate.

I can't count the number the times I've been impatient and when an idea doesn't work right away, I simply sell out and move onto something new.  This jump and run approach rarely works.  What works is working at the same idea, day in day out.  Sure it might evolve and change but it's not the same as selling out and moving on.

I see some people posting their IM journey's on BHW – they are super motivated for a day or two and then things wane, they realise they are doing an incredible amount of work for very little cash.  Usually just cents.  And they give it up.  Morons.

It takes time.

I have a single affiliate offer that made me over 1.3k last month.  Do you know how much work I did to promote that offer?  None.  I did nothing.  I was busy doing other stuff.  But it still brought in the cash.  Why?  Because I posted that offer on a site that is over 10 years old.  10 years!  I started it when I was a young boy and just held onto it.  That website, has hundreds of posts, all of high quality and i've done no backlink building or any SEO.  I just kept building it.  Year after year.  And as a result Google fucking loves it.

If you're building a Private blog network or any other scammy type of “system” it's going to fail in the long run.  You will have spent all this time, and now your investment is worth absolutely nothing.  You can't even sell it – who the hell would buy a website that uses a PBN these days?    However if you had spent that time just building a website, on a topic you loved, and didn't worry about SEO, you would have at least had an asset that could be sold.  Maybe not for very much at the moment, but imagine if you kept at it for 10 years.  Imagine how much it will be worth then.

When it comes to making money online there are no secrets, no systems.  Just time.  That's all there is to it.  Just be patient and keep going.  A little bit each day.

it works.

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