Motivate Yourself Using the Streak


xnegativespace1_71_1300x867Struggling with your efforts to make more money?  I think at least 50% comes down to how much motivation you have.  I see so many people starting out with big ambitions only to let things fade away over the following months.  It takes months and months possibly even years to see results.

So you're going to need motivation!

Think of Motivation like a Bank Account

Motivation isn't something you just have.  It comes and goes.  Think of motivation like a bank account.  But this bank account automatically drains itself.  If you don't keep topping it up, it will eventually hit zero.  This is when you're drained.  Ok that's a shit analogy, but you get the idea.

Starting Small

The best way to build motivation is over time.    Don't jump into a project with all guns blazing and set yourself ridiculous goals.  You will only end failing.  I've done that many times before.  I discovered that when I was successful it was because I had tackled the project more slowly and built up momentum and motivation over time.

Build Habits Using the Streak

The idea of the streak is simple.  You basically try and see how many days in a row you can complete a task.  If you miss a day, reset the streak to zero.    For example, you might want to blog everyday – so see how many days in a row you can blog.  You might want to increase your social presence.  How many days in a row can you find interesting people to follow on twitter?  Get the idea.

My tips For being successful with the Streak

  1. Keep count on paper.  Don't use an app.  Don't use anything digital.  The physical action of creating a mark on paper is not only satisfying but it creates a powerful link in your brain.  Trust me – it makes a difference.
  2. Keep this paper visible.  I use a bright sticky note.  Which I usually put on my desk.  Even then, sometimes I forget about my goal.  So every time I fail, and need to start again, I choose a different color stiky note.
  3. It takes about 11 days to start getting into the habit.  The first couple of days are easy.  Then it gets a little harder before becoming easier.  Most people fail at the 1 week mark.  So if you push past this mark you're doing better then 99% of people.

Success Happens When You Fail

Ok this sounds stupid, but success happens after you fail.  Here's the deal.  You are going to fail.  I am 100% sure that you won't be able to keep a streak going for an entire year.  The magic happens, when you do fail.  You have a choice – start again or give up.  Most people give up.  That's the difference between true success and failure.  My last streak was 500+ days.  And recently I had a mind fuck and forgot for a day.  It was so hard throwing away that piece of paper and getting a new one.  But when I did, I knew that the next 500 days would make me even more successful.


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