How I made Twitter useful again

I didn't really use Twitter that much.  My account posted the odd thing here and and there and and every  tweet was almost exclusively a link to this website.  And I found I wasn't really enjoying it.  But I knew there had to be more to Twitter.  There was a community here, and I just need to find it.

Here are some steps I took to taking control of my Twitter account and how I started finding a use for the platform.

Unfollow the Auto Posters

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-4-22-47-pmWhen I first joined twitter I just followed people who's bios included things like “entrepreneur” or “personal finance blogger”.  I assumed these people would post relevant content.  But it's amazing just how many of these accounts aren't actually using Twitter.  Sure they are posting stuff, but they aren't actually interacting.  And the stuff they are posting is awful.    There is a whole subset of people who post random “inspirational” quotes and then just spam their links.  My advice unfollow anyone who posts motivational quotes.  These quotes get auto posted by tools they use.  This is just junk.


Follow accounts you enjoy, not just the ones you think you should follow

Make twitter fun again!  You don't just need to follow entrepreneurs and business type folk.  I started following random accounts that rate dogs, or share interesting science links.  Things that I'm interested in.  Although I follow a ton of business people too, having a mix helps break through the boring.

Unfollow the “social media experts”

I've found these guys to be the worst at twitter.  The shit they post is pretty much all “captain obvious” type content.  They post 50 times a day and all of it is self promotion.  If someone has social, guru or marketing in their bio, unfollow right away.


The best bit of twitter is when you have conversations with others.  I've just started getting in touch with people via twitter.  Telling them that I liked their most recent blog post or answering questions people post. This has completely changed my twitter experience, and it's great!

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