Why Right Now is the Perfect Time to Trade

Because I'm involved in social trading I see how active other traders are.  And one thing I've noticed with many of the newer traders is that there trading has dropped in the previous months.  And I have no idea why.  Yes, recent months have been turbulent.  But what that means for the forex trader, or day trader is…. money!

To make money in forex there needs to be movement.  When the markets are quiet, its very hard to profit.  But when there is movement – whether that is up or down – there is room to make money.  Simple as that.

Personally, I've been investing less in stocks, apart from picking up a few bargains, and I've been looking at forex.  I've been copytrading forex traders on etoro who are using very low risk leverage.  And for the past few months I have done very well and am up nearly 34% over the past 3 months.  Which is well above where I thought I would be.

So my message is simple, just because there is lots of bad financial news on the box, it doesn't mean you shouldn't be trading.  Be smart and use the turbulence to your advantage.

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