Who to copytrade on etoro: trex8u247

Are you looking for people to copy trade on etoro?  With more than a million traders that you can potentially copy, finding the best people can be a bit confusing.  So I've been putting together a series of posts reviewing people who I believe are interesting.

Todays review is of Dale Rex Doust, aka trex8u247,  a stock trader from South Africa.

Return on Investment

He's been trading on eToro since 2013, which means we have lots of stats to base our review on.   What's most impressive has been the positive double digit return for each of these years since 2013.    The most that he's been down in a month is 8%.

So far in 2017, trex8u247 is up just over 40% – an amazing run.  He hasn't had a down month in 2017 so far.  This could partly be due to the bullish run stock markets enjoyed this year.

Trading Style

trex8u247 is a stock trader primarily but has made some trades in forex and indicies in the past.  I tend to find that traders on etoro, who trade mostly stocks, will have an average holding time that is much higher than the forex traders.  And in this case it's no difference – the average holding for trex8u247 is 4 weeks.     However he is making quite a few trades each month.  Expect around 2 trades per week.  This means you're money is being put to work, and isn't just sitting in a couple of trades.

His risk score is 4.  With the returns that he has made, my guess is he's using reasonable low leverage.  It looks like the average trade uses around 5-7% of his portfolio funds.  I would like to see this a tad lower to help diversify the portfolio a bit more.

So why would you copy trex8u247?  If you're looking for a stock trader that has a proven record of profitable trades, then this could be the person for you.  Don't expect super quick results, as the holding time is around a month.  So you should be looking to copy trex8u247 for more than 12 months.

You can find out more about trex8u247 here

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