Who to copy on etoro: srassili

Another edition of my ongoing series on who to copy on etoro.  Finding people to copy can be confusing so I've been reviewing people with different trading strategies that might work as part of your copy trading portfolio.

This time is user: Soufian Rassili (srassili).


Soufian Rassili has been trading on eToro since 2015.  In 2016, he had a hugely impressive year and managed to gain a return of just over 50%.   So far this year he has gained 6% with positive returns each month.  So far 2017 is looking like its going to be a great year for his copiers as well.

Trading Style

I would copy Soufian, if you're looking at adding stocks to your portfolio.  Currently the majority of his trades have been in various stocks.  Although he does make a few currency trades as well.  I would define him as a swing trader.

I like that he makes on average just over 4 trades per week – which means he is engaged in trading and your money won't be locked up in just one or two trades that don't close out for months.  The average holding time is 1 week.

His risk score is 3.  I noticed part way through last year, that he modified his trading style, which reduced the risk down a little.  Although I do feel it is nudging towards being medium risk.  The risk score is calculated by the % of your capital and leverage you use for each trade.

As part of my portfolio I would be interested in copying Soufian.  I like that he trades a mix of assets so he can take advantage of different market conditions.  But remember to do your own research – remember its not just the size of the annual return you should take into consideration.  Look at the risk score, drawdown and their entire past performance.

And remember, use your practice account to simulate what it's like to copy someone as well.  This way you'll be able to see real world performance without risking your money.

You can find more people I've reviewed here or checkout our srassili's profile here.


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