Who to copy on etoro: HedgeHappy

I've written a lot about copy trading on this blog and how it can be a profitable trading strategy.    The hardest part has always been finding who to copy on etoro.  So I'm putting together a series of posts highlighting some of the different traders on etoro, that could potentially make up part of your portfolio.

What's his ROI

HedgeHappy (Karl Hunter) has been trading on etoro since 2015.   Amazingly his account grew every month since except in January of this year.  I don't know many traders who are able to achieve that level of consistency.    In 2016 he returned a modest profit of around 9% – which obviously is much higher than most investments will earn you.

The HedgeHappy trading style

HedgeHappy mainly trades in commodities.  With a very small number of trades in indicies and stocks.  It's nice to see a forex trader with such consistent returns – something I don't see as often.

HedgeHappy opens a lot of trades using a small percentage of his overall capital.  The positions stay open for quite a while and close out when they have gained around 1-5%.    His risk score is a very low “1”, which suggests he is using very little leverage.

This is an interesting trading style.  It's not going to make you huge amounts, but it's also not going to lose you huge amounts either.

I like this trading strategy as it's aimed at reducing risk, and being sustainable over the long term.  It also requires an active trader who is making a lot of trades every week.

HedgeHappy would be a great addition to your portfolio, especially if you're looking for sustainable growth as opposed to quick returns.

Find out more about HedgeHappy here.

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