Who to copy on eToro: Cathy0001

Are you looking for people to copy trade on etoro?  I've been putting together a series of posts on people who I think might make interesting additions to your copy trading portfolio.  In this post I'm reviewing Cathy0001.

The great thing about eToro is that it is a global social trading platform with traders from all over the world.  And you can copy these traders, giving you unprecedented access to markets you would never have the skills or knowledge to trade in.  Cathy0001 is a Chinese trader, read on to find out more about her.

Return on Investment

Cathy0001 has been trading for just over a year on eToro.  I like to only start copying a trader who has had at least 12 months experience.  This way there is a good period of stats to analyse.  In 2016 this trader made an annual return of 16.05%.  A pretty good result and right in the sweet zone for growth – not too high, indicating a high risk strategy, but not so low that you won't see any decent returns.

2017 has been slower so far with a return of 2.76%.

Trading Style

Cathy0001 mainly trades the Japanese Yen but will also trade Gold during periods of high volatility.  A classic trading strategy.    The risk score is currently not calculated as you need to trade for 12 months, and there appears to be a couple of missed months last year.  The risk score does look to be a bit up and down, but if they continue trading like they currently are, it should remain quite low.

They trade on average 5 times a week and the holding time is 3 days per trade.   This is the type of numbers I like to see as it means the trader is fairly engaged and actively trading.

This is definitely a trader you should watch.  If she continues trading like this over the coming months, they may be a good add to a copy trading portfolio.

If you'd like to test out how Cathy0001 performs, open a free practice trading account here.  You can copy trade and also open manual trades as well.  And all trades are done under real market conditions allowing you to get a real time view of how a trader performs.  I highly recommend doing this.

You can view Cathy0001's trading profile here

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