Who to copy on eToro: Algebraiker

Its time for me to introduce you to another trader on the copy trading platform etoro.  With over a million members it can be hard to know who the best people to copy trade.  So i've been putting together a series of reviews of people who I think are interesting and worth a look.

If you're not ready to copy trade, you can still join eToro for free and use a virtual account to practice copy trading.  This way, you'll be able to see if it can be profitable to you under real world trading conditions.

This weeks review is of Algebraiker, a trader from Germany.

Return on Investment

Algebraiker has been trading on Etoro since 2013.   The first two years on the platform, he had negative returns.    But for the past three years, has managed a pretty significant return.  So far in 2017 he is up nearly 15%.    Although the two negative years are  a bit of a red flag, it could have been due to a dramatically different trading style.    Traders do evolve and hopefully get better, and this certainly looks to be the case with Algebraiker.

Investment Style

Most of his investments are in Indicies with a few ongoing investments in stocks as well.   But most of the trades are in the Ger30 indicie.   So if you're looking for exposure into the German economy, then this could be the trader for you.   Indicies tend to be very volatile, and skilled traders are able to profit from this volatility.  Following Algebraiker is a great way to learn how to trade these markets.

Looking through his feed, he is quite active and responding to people asking questions, which is always great to see on eToro.

In terms of other stats, he has a risk score of 3 – which is right on the money, an average holding time of just 3 days and makes around 10 trades per week.  These are right within the range that I usually look for when evaluating traders.  You don't want to copy someone, only to find that they don't make a single trade for months on end.

You can find out more about Algebraiker here

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