Who to copy on etoro: 4exPirate

Continuing on with my series of posts on who to copy on etoro – this time 4exPirate.  Finding people to copy on etoro, can seem a little daunting for new investors.  Hopefully these guides will make your research a little easier.  4exPirate has been around for a long time, and is a popular choice for many first time copy traders.  Here's my review of his strategy and whether I believe you can money from copying him:

What's the ROI?

4exPirate (aka Dawid Kowalski) has been trading on eToro since 2013.  He's managed to return a profit each year since then.  Although his annual returns seems to vary dramatically, I do believe this is due to a more professional and lower risk trading style he has more recently been using.

In 2016 is annual return was a nudge of 10% – a really good figure for any trader, and probably much more than your traditional investments are earning.

The 4exPirate Trading Style

Dawid doesn't have a lot of positions open at once.  Instead, he seems to jump into the markets when the conditions suit and will leave his portfolio empty if they don't.  This means, there are times when your money will simply be sitting in your account uninvested.  However, this also means, trades aren't being opened for the sake of trading.

4exPirate has a low risk score of 3.  Which is perfectly acceptable in my opinion.

The majority of his trades are in Forex with the rest in commodities.  If you're looking to follow a stock trader, this isn't the right person for you.  The average holding period is 4 days – this tends to suggest 4exPirate is using fundamental analysis.

Once you start copying, you'll notice that he posts regular updates just to keep you updated.  This is especially useful for newer investors who may be worried that very few trades are taking place.

Find out more about 4exPirate Here

Remember – you can simulate copying a trader using a Practice Account.  So even if you aren't ready to invest real money, you can see for yourself what the returns will look like.

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