The best web trader platforms for forex

I prefer to use web based platforms over desktop or mobile apps for trading.  I love having my entire workflow in chrome and there is nothing to install (and no need to worry about constant updates :/ )

Here's my rundown on some of the different web trader platforms I use – the one's I love and the one's you should steer clear of.

eToro Platform

eToro's Platform is probably the worlds most popular web based trading platform

rm, with a couple of million traders using it.  The first version was built using flash and although worked well, was never comparable to desktop software.  The new version, which was introduced a couple of years ago is much much better.

eToro is simple and easy to use.  I like that they haven't tried to recreate a metatrader like platform in the browser.  It feels very much like a web app and that's a good thing.

eToro's charts are top notch and has all the features you'd expect from any desktop trading app including being able to overlay indicators and display 4 charts at once.  The pro charting features are a bit hidden away – you need to click on a market and then find the “launch pro charts” link.  That's where all the good charting features are.


Plus500 only offers a web based trader (apart from a mobile app).  You can download a windows 10 app, but this is just a wrapper for their web app – it's the same platform. They refreshed the platform recently and it's much better than it was.  I do find it a bit simple, and a bit cluttered.  I'm not a fan of having so much on the one screen.  I like trading on my Macbook pro screen, and I feel plus500 would work better if you're using a larger display.

That being said, I do think the Plus500 web trader is easy to use and would suit most people.


Like Plus500's platform, the easymarkets platform feels a little simple.  It's nowhere near as refined as eToro's, but still very usable.  EasyMarkets crams a lot of info on the one page – market news, trading signals, charts etc.   It is a simple platform, and many traders will crave more features like you'd find on eToro of Plus500 and perhaps that is why easymarkets also offer mt4 trading.  I'm guessing most people start on the easymarkets web trader and switch over to mt4 as they become more advanced traders.


Whaleclub is an alternative broker that only accepts digital currency (bitcoin, litecoin and dash).  But it actually has a rather nice web trader.  They don't offer any desktop apps, and you can really tell that they've focused on the web.  The software is powered by TradingView and is nicely polished and easy to use.

Metatrader Web Trader

MetaTrader is the most popular desktop class platform.  But they also offer a web version.  Unfortunately the web version is a poorly designed as it's desktop cousin.  Metatrader has tried to clone its desktop software in the browser and it just feels really clunky.  Quite a few brokers do offer MetaTraders web trader, but I feel most people will just end up using the desktop software.

So there you have it – my rundown on the different web trader platforms out there.  All of these platforms offer demo accounts, so you can sign up and try out the platform without having to spend any money 🙂 Let me know in the comments what web trading platforms you like to use.

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