PopCash is still a Great Source of Revenue for Me

A quick update on PopCash – the popup advertising network that I've been using.  I've written about how I made over $2.5k using popcash and I wanted to give an update on how things have been progressing.

The good news is, that I'm still seeing regular cash payments from popcash.  They haven't been late paying out.  Not once.  Earnings from popcash aren't huge, and you will need an appropriate website that has lots of traffic, and where the visitors won't mind this type of advertising.  But if you do have that type of website, then I can't recommend PopCash enough.

Slow and Steady

Time.  It's the number one money maker.  I wish I had more of it.  But unfortunately everyday you're only given a certain amount and you can't fast forward or rewind, it just goes on at the same rate.

I can't count the number the times I've been impatient and when an idea doesn't work right away, I simply sell out and move onto something new.  This jump and run approach rarely works.  What works is working at the same idea, day in day out.  Sure it might evolve and change but it's not the same as selling out and moving on.

I see some people posting their IM journey's on BHW – they are super motivated for a day or two and then things wane, they realise they are doing an incredible amount of work for very little cash.  Usually just cents.  And they give it up.  Morons.

It takes time.

I have a single affiliate offer that made me over 1.3k last month.  Do you know how much work I did to promote that offer?  None.  I did nothing.  I was busy doing other stuff.  But it still brought in the cash.  Why?  Because I posted that offer on a site that is over 10 years old.  10 years!  I started it when I was a young boy and just held onto it.  That website, has hundreds of posts, all of high quality and i've done no backlink building or any SEO.  I just kept building it.  Year after year.  And as a result Google fucking loves it.

If you're building a Private blog network or any other scammy type of “system” it's going to fail in the long run.  You will have spent all this time, and now your investment is worth absolutely nothing.  You can't even sell it – who the hell would buy a website that uses a PBN these days?    However if you had spent that time just building a website, on a topic you loved, and didn't worry about SEO, you would have at least had an asset that could be sold.  Maybe not for very much at the moment, but imagine if you kept at it for 10 years.  Imagine how much it will be worth then.

When it comes to making money online there are no secrets, no systems.  Just time.  That's all there is to it.  Just be patient and keep going.  A little bit each day.

it works.

Mediatemple $5 Hosting Offer

I just got an email from Mediatemple, they are offering their Premium WP Hosting for just $5.  That's a pretty amazing deal.  It only lasts for the next 2 days, so get it while you can.  Mediatemple hosts this blog – mt offers hosting that won't go down if you're site gets a burst of traffic.  And their WP hosting is especially designed for running WordPress Blogs.

Mediatemple $5 Premium WP Hosting Coupon

1) Visit this page

2) Enter the code: PremiumWP5

eToro Making Big Changes to CopyTrader

eToro, my forex trading platform of choice, has announced some interesting changes to CopyTrader.  CopyTrader allows you to automatically copy the trades of professional forex traders.  It's a great system – one that has banked me over $850 profit last month.

New Stop Loss and Pause Features

One of the biggest features that has recently appeared in CopyTrader is the pause function.  This is HUGE.  If you don't like the trading style of a trader, you can pause the system from copying any new trades.  This way, your existing copied trades can close out and you won't be locked into copying this trader.  Previously you had to just stop copying, which closed all open positions.

There is also a new stop loss feature.  If a trader loses more than 40% of the copied amount you'll automatically stop copying this trader.  This can be manually adjusted.  Nice feature that promotes responsible trading.

New Minimum Copy Amount

Probably the news that will have the biggest impact is the minimum copy amount.  You now need to copy with at least $100.  I think this is great.  I've always recommended copying with $100 because $50 (the previous minimum) was just too small an amount and didn't offer any flexibility.  This new minimum will ensure that you'll be able to copy all the trades of the traders you copy.

eToro's copytrader keeps on getting better and better.  In my opinion their product is miles ahead of other social trading platforms.  It's easier to use and they really promote sensible trading, which in the long run equals bigger profits!


Three Better Alternatives to Hostgator

I used to use Hostgator for a number of small sites I built. But over recent months, I've noticed a decline in the quality of the service. So here's a roundup of some alternatvies to Hostgator.

The Cheap Option – Bluehost

I've heard good things about bluehost. They recently went through a major transformation and their service has improved dramatically. It's probably the best cheap option out there.

The Premium Option – MediaTemple

A favorite of designers. Mediatemple offers premium shared hosting. Unlike Hostgator or Bluehost (or any other shared host), mediatemple has grid hosting which puts your site on a grid of servers with burstable resources. What this means? Your site won't go down if you go viral.

Mediatemple is reliable – I host this website on Mediatemple and love the product. Customer service is top notch. You pay a premium, but if you're looking for no hassle hosting with powerful features, this is for you.

The DIY Option – DigitalOcean

Want complete control? Then a VPS (virtual private server) is for you. Digital Ocean provides the cheapest and fastest cloud servers out there. They start at just $5 per month. Digital Ocean has by far the best tutorials and help section, so even a novice can setup a server. Plus, they even offer 1 click wordpress install. Running your own server takes a little extra work – you'll need to install any updates, and if something goes wrong you'll need to figure it out.

October Update 2014

Ok, no I haven't died.  I've just been crazy busy.  And I always would rather work on the stuff that actually makes me cash than just write about it here.  Most people do the complete opposite.  They write about all the things they are going to do to make some cash, but never actually get anything done.


My number one money maker – an authority site in the finance niche managed to pull in over $2.4k last month.  It usually does around $1k.  The crazy thing about this site is that it is 100% passive.  I set it up over a year ago and do nothing.  I don't build backlinks, I don't post to social media, I don't create new content.  If you create uber high quality content, that is unique then you can sit back and let the content do its thing.

I find it funny to see all the people struggling away on the various marketing forums, doing crazy amounts of work for a dollar or two here and there.  High, high quality is where its at.

Another site of mine, where I make money from PopCash, didn't do so well.  It's so unpredictable and lots of variables involved.  I went from making about $80 a day to $8 on that site.  But in the past it has gone down and gone back up again.  Like my other site, it's set and forget.  I might give it some love.  Just to keep it ticking over.  I still think PopCash is a great revenue maker and they continue to pay out on time every within 24 hours of a request.  They are awesome!

I didn't do much Forex trading and the one trade I did open lost me about $15.  That's the way it goes.  I still copytrade, which I believe is the best strategy and I'm up about 4% over the past couple of months.  I did Buy some Apple Stock through eToro which has gone up recently!  So I sold some of it.  I'm loving how easy it is to buy stocks through etoro.  I'm also going long on Apple.  $150 is my target and completely realistic in my opinion.

I've got another massive money maker in the pipeline.  It's a 100k return type  project.  I've spent a lot of cash on it, and it's basically what I've been working on (and haven't been blogging).  It's unique and I think will become hugely valuable.   It's going to be valuable because no one else is building something like it.  It's not in the IM niche.  It's not a content site or an authority site.  It's a completely different type of company.  This is my point people – you have to go against the grain and do what nobody else is doing.    Then making money just happens.


Biggest expenses this month were clothes.  Which is a little shit.  But i'm tired of buying clothes that don't really fit or don't make me feel confident.  I'm now at a stage in my life, where I would rather buy a shirt for $300 that makes me look and feel amazing as opposed to shitty shirt worth $50 that sort of fits but i'm self conscious in.   Unfortunately Mr Porter, is ridiculously good at making you buy things.  There online shopping experience is top notch.  I feel a little better knowing I earn a fuck load of bonus frequent flyer points shopping their.  p.s – before making a big purchase, always buy it through your Frequent Flyer program.  Most programs have deals with all the big online retailers.

Second biggest expense was servers.  The problem with running a number of large sites is the large hosting bill.  It's still well within the 1k per month range so thats nice.  I've been putting all my new sites on DigitalOcean.  They are by far the best VPS provider out there.  Way better than Amazon or other cloud providers and all their servers run on super fast SSD drives.  Amazing performance and they start at a silly $5 per month!


I'm cash rich at the moment, mainly because over the past few months (bar this one), I have been uber frugal.  Most of my cash is just sitting in a high interest savings account which makes me a little uneasy.  It's too safe.  I would rather invest it. So i've been on the lookout for sites to buy or build.  Nothing took my fancy.  I might make a purchase this month.  I did buy some shares in a bank.  Apart from etoro shares, I don't usually buy stock.  I made an exception because I was a) cash rich, and b) I use this bank, they have an amazing product and customer experience, and they aren't American.  Which is pretty much what I look for in an investment.

So that is October.  I'll try and push some more blog posts out.  I've got some cool ideas.

Making Money with Shorte.st

For the past 24 hours, I've bmake money shortesteen playing around with a new way to make money – It's called Shorte.st and it's a link shortening service that pays.  It's similar to adf.ly but I've found the payout to much higher in the short period of time I've been using it.

Here's a Guide to Using Shorte.st

How Much Money will I Make?

All depends on the number of visitors you can send.  With these types of link shortening services, it works best if you have a lot of traffic.  You'll need 1000+ people to visit your short link to see revenue over $1.

What Type of Content/Sites Should I Use it On?

This will work on general sites that have a big audience. Not niche sites.  So think wallpaper, downloads, pretty lady type websites.  If you have a twitter account with a massive following, then posting these short links there would also work well.

When Are you Paid?

On the 10th of each month if your account balance is larger than $5.  Payouts happen automatically to your paypal or payoneer account.

How to Make Lots of Money with Shorte.st

Ok this is where it gets interesting.  If you figure out a way to get lots of people to click on a link – and I'll let you figure that one out – then you can really take things to the next level.  For example, if you are getting lots of people clicking through a link to see a picture of a pretty lady,   you can host that image on your own website and surround it with your own ads.  So not only will you get paid when people click the link to visit your site, you'll also earn when they land on your site.

Don’t Let Your Bitcoin Be Lazy: Invest It!

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 11.47.02 amI'm not a fan of having large amounts of cash sitting around.  Some people believe Bitcoin is more like Gold or Silver then cash, and it should be sitting away in a vault somewhere.  But that is a risky investment strategy.  There is absolutely no guarantee the price of BTC will rise.  Just like cash, you shouldn't leave it sitting around.  Put it to work!

It's time for you to learn about how you can invest your bitcoin and start earning interest.  I've already earned a 60% return on BTC balance these past two month – unless you've also been investing your BTC, then your return over the past two months would have been in the low single digits (and possible zero).

Your Cheatsheet For Investing Bitcoins

  1. Grab yourself a BTCJam Account.  BTCJam is a Peer 2 Peer investment network.  borrowers can create listings and investors can choose to invest in individual projects, ventures, etc.   This means that people can borrow capital without needing to go through a bank.  These peer to peer networks have existed for a while with fiat currency.  But they are relatively new with BTC.  There are huge advantages to using bitcoin for a lending network.
  2. Start small.  One awesome advantage to BTCJam is there doesn't appear to be a minimum amount you need to invest.  That means you could invest as little as $0.01 in a listing.  If you're new to p2p lending then I recommend you start small.  Even just a few dollars.  This way you can get comfortable browsing through listings and picking the right people to invest in.
  3. Diversify.  Don't put all your cash into one listing.  p2p lending works best when you have a diverse portfolio.  Although as of yet, no one I have invested in has failed to make a repayment, I've factored in this risk.
  4. Invest only in A and B graded listings.  Investments on BTCJam are given a credit rating (A-E).  I use the filter tools to filter out any listings below a B grade.  This reduces the risk.
  5. Chose a range of long and short term listings to invest in.   Each listing has a term.  Some are 30 days, some are for much longer.  I choose to invest in a range of listings which feature various terms.  As BTCJam is quite new, I don't have enough data to figure out what is the best strategy for term length.  therefore I have a diverse portfolio.
  6. Be Smart.  Each listing has a grade and associated data to help you make an informed decision.  Due to the possible anonymous nature of Bitcoin, you can't expect every listing on BTCJam is going to deliver.  Therefore you need to use common sense.  Look at what your money is going to be invested in – is it just a pump and dump or is there a strong business case?  Does the borrower provide lots of details? Don't rush.
  7. Don't keep BTC uninvested on BTCJam.  Don't keep BTC just sitting in your btcjam account.  I recommend only transferring money into the network when you are ready to make an investment.  This is about risk management.  If anything happens to BTCJam you want your bitcoins to be somewhere else.
  8. Keep Reinvesting.  When a borrowers sends you a payout, use the payout to invest in something else.  Remember you can invest fractions of a bitcoin down to tiny amounts.  Keep your funds ticking over.

Have you been investing your bitcoin – make sure you let me know how you've been doing in the comments.  Remember, don't be a fool – put your cash to work!

Why You Shouldn’t Blog on Squidoo

I can't believe people are still slaving away writing articles on a website like Squidoo or Hubpages.  Here is why you shouldn't be and where you should be putting your valuable content instead.

Rubbish Payout

Some people have created hundreds of articles and spent god knows how many hours, yet they only make < $100 a month.  A month!  If you were to calculate your earnings per hour it would be well, well, below minimum wage.  In fact your probably working for a couple of cents per hour.    Your time is more valuable then your money.  Trust me.

You Can't Sell It

If a website of mine is making much money, I sell it.  It gives me cashflow to work on other projects.  When you post an article of squdioo – they own your content.  The only value it has is the ad revenue.  And if that dries up, you've got nothing.

You Have No Control

If the website your posting to (Squidoo, Hubpages etc) suddenly gets the big FU from Google, then basically you're screwed.  Furthermore, these websites can ban you at any time.

Cheat Sheet on What You Should Be Doing

  1. Build your own website.
  2. Your site probably won't rank within the first few months, and you'll probably want to give up.  This is where 99% of people fail.
  3. Keep adding new content – but it doesn't really matter how often.  I have a website which hasn't been updated in 6 months and it still brings in $700+ a month.  Every month.
  4. Use affiliate links.  It works and makes more money for less trafficked websites
  5. Don't worry about backlinks.  I posted an article on this site (which has no backlinks) and it made me $80 within an hour.  If you know how to write, if you know how to make a headline and if you know which topics to target, then you can do well without backlinks.  If you don't know how to do that write 500 posts and you'll soon figure it out.
  6. Stop working for cents!

PopCash Review: How I Made Over $2.5k

PopCash is a popunder advertising network that I've been using for the last little while to monetize some of the sites I own.  I wanted to share my experiences of using PopCash and how much I've been earning.

PopCash earnings

I don't use PopCash on all the websites I own.  For example, it wouldn't do well on a site like this.  But for say, entertainment sites, it would do really well.  One thing you need to know about popunder ads – you need to have a lot of traffic.  Luckily I do on some of my sites!

Approval and Setup

PopCash is by far the most responsive ad network i've come across.  I've never needed to contact support (because I've never had any issues) but they are extremely speedy when it comes to getting your domain approved.  Usually it takes just a couple of hours (if at all).  This means you can get started placing ads right away.

Ad Rates 

PopCash uses a dynamic bidding system.  Basically there is no set rate for your traffic.  It varies based on the location of your traffic and the quality.  It will fluctuate for day to day and depends obviously on advertiser demand.    I received around $2 for U.S traffic.  Some  days it is higher, some days it is lower.

I've tested PopCash against another popular popunder network and found that popcash pays around 20% more.  So far for my website, I have yet to find a monetization method that pays as well.


PopCash does pay and they always pay on time.  They say payouts happen within 7 days, but most of the time I receive my payout on the same day.  The minimum is just $10 and you don't need to wait 30 days or more.  You can cash out as soon as your account hits that amount.

You can request payouts to PayPal, Paxum or Payza.

In Conclusion…

If you have a website with lots of traffic and it's in the right niche (entertainment, wallpapers etc) then you should definitely try popcash.  Monetizing via other methods on these types of sites just don't make you as much cash.  PopCash is by far the best popunder network I've come across – they have the best rates in the industry, super fast payouts and a great backend.

You can join popcash here