New trading tools now available on eToro

Just a quick update on some of the new tools that etoro has recently launched.  These include new charting capabilities, one click trading and expert trading analysis.  Read on to find out how you can make the most of these.

eToro is a popular copy trading platform – you can copy the trades of successful traders automatically.  To learn more about etoro and how I use it to trade, check out my complete etoro guide for 2017.

One Click Trading

This is just a nice little addition for pro traders.  If you trade a lot, you'll have certain assets you trade a lot, and usually at the same leverage and size.  So it makes sense to allow one click trading.  You'll now be able to react faster than ever to market events 🙂

New Charting Tools

The old etoro webtrader charts left a lot to be desired, so thankfully etoro developed their own charts for the new platform.  They've been getting better and better.  I'm not going to explain all the functionality and whats been added in this post.  As a professional trader, you'll really appreciate these charts.  Make sure you check out the new “Pro Charts” beta, which allows you display multiple charts on the one screen, save layouts and overlay technical analyses.   These charts are super nice!

New Research Tab

eToro is great because it shows you how the community is trading an asset.  But what has been missing is the experts voice – although the crowd is a powerful tool, having access to what leading fund managers and analysts are trading, is just as powerful.

The new research tab shows analyses from etoro partner TipRanks.  You can now see how the top analysts rate each stock (buy, hold, sell) and what their price target is.  This is available for stocks on the etoro platform.  If you are currently trading stocks on etoro, then make sure you use this tab!

So thats what's recently been added on etoro.  You can grab a free etoro account here

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