New Currencies and ETFs come to eToro

eToro has been busy adding new currencies and ETFs to their platform, further expanding the huge range of products you can trade.   eToro now has one of the largest selection of investments available and it's good to see them adding new products every month or so.


Most of the new currencies added are European pairs.  Useful if you're into trading the euro and looking for arbitrage opportunities around Europe.


ETFs (exchange traded funds), give you exposure to a selection of underlying assets, such as stocks.   Because they group together a lot of investments, many investors consider them to be lower risk.  I invest heavily in ETFs through Acorns, but you can do the same on eToro.

The new ETFs cover a range of industries including gasoline, agriculture and finance.

Wrapping up..

I can't see myself investing in any of these products by myself.  But I can see some of the traders I follow and copy, could use these.  If you're like me and not confident in investing on your own in these currencies and etfs, then just find a copytrader who can do that hard work for you.

If you're interested in trading these new currencies and etfs you can grab a free etoro account here


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