My Acorns Results for June 2016

Acorns LogoEach month I report how well my investment using the Acorns App is performing.  I'm fascinated by all the amazing new investment choices people have, and I want to test them out and share how well they work.

What Happened in June

June was a crazy month for investors.  My etoro investment did really well, and I'll be writing about this soon.  But my acorns investment didn't perform as well.  And that's entirely expected.

I need to keep reminding myself, that Acorns is all about investing small amounts on a regular basis.  Sure, the market is going to sometimes go down, like it did with the Brexit event, but other times it's going to surge.  As long as you keep investing through the good and bad times, things balance out overtime and you end up ahead.

I was surprised that I didn't actually lose any money during Brexit.  My acorns dipped down, but I'm still in profit.  Just not by as much as before.  So how did I go….

How I went in June

Starting Balance: $207.56
June Deposits: $207.59
Current Balance: $406.79

June Income: -$8.38

p.s – These figures were calculated just as brexit happened.  A few days after my account recovered and I'm now back in profit.

Wrapping Up

I'm still convinced Acorns is a great idea.  It works automatically.  I don't notice money coming out of my account and being put into my acorns investment.  It just works.  And that's why I love it.  In June, I managed to deposit well over my $100 target.  I think I will try and beat my deposits for June this month.

Have you tried acorns?  What have your experiences been?

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