Investing in CRISPR Biotech

Over the last few years, researchers and scientists have embraced a revolutionary technology called gene editing.  Although there are a few different methods of gene editing, one of them, known as CRISPR, has been getting more and more attention.

This technology could be used for the development of new drugs, treat diseases and grow new crops.

CRISPR is still in it's very early days, so there could be an investment opportunity by getting in early.

If you're interested in learning more about CRISPR and gene editing, then take a look at this great article from wired, and of course do your own research!  It's a fascinating topic.

CRISPR CopyPortfolio

eToro has just launched a brand new CopyPortfolio that allows you to invest in this technology.    The CRISPR CopyPortfolio invests in companies that are developing this technology.    In fact it gives you exposure to 7 different companies.    Over the past 12 months these stocks delivered a 50% return – and this is before this technology is even in use.

I have no idea if this tech is going to be the future.  From the press I've read, it certainly looks very exciting, and it's definitely something I'm going to be tracking (and investing a small amount in).  Remember the smart money always gets in early before everyone is talking about it (think cryptocurrency and tech stocks!).

What are CopyPortfolios

CopyPortfolios invest in a broad range of assets grouped around a specific theme or investment idea.  They give you the convenience of a single investment, but with the safety of a diverse portfolio.  eToro also rebalances their CopyPortfolios, something that can be difficult for individual investors to do.   And best of all you don't pay any management fees.  You also get to take advantage of experienced portfolio allocation – etoro's investment committee chooses just how much should be invested into each stock.

Minimum Investment

The minimum investment in eToro's CopyPortfolios is $5000.

If you're looking to invest in these stocks with less, you could do so manually, you'll just need to look after rebalancing on your own.

Genome engineering is still in it's absolute infancy – is this something you've been looking to invest in?  Have you invested in biotech in the past?  Let me know in the comments.

You can find out more about the crsipr CopyPortfolio here

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