Hundreds of New Stocks Added to eToro

trading stocks etoroI'm really starting to enjoy trading stocks on eToro.   And now there are hundreds of new stocks available on eToro for you to trade!

eToro has slowly and steadily been improving their stock trading platform over the past 12 months.  You can now try webtrader 2.0 – which makes it easier to find stocks and trade stocks.  They also added leveraged trades.  This means you can open both and buy and sell (long and short) positions and these can leveraged to increase profits (which will also increase risk).

I've been adding more and more stocks to my eToro portfolio and it is really starting to pay.

With the New Year upon us, now is the perfect time to start trading on eToro.

4 thoughts on “Hundreds of New Stocks Added to eToro”

  1. Hello please wanted to know if there are pennny stocks on etoro. And how will you differentiate between regular stocks and penny. Thank you

    • Why would they add penny stocks. They’re a scam and only purchased by idiots who know nothing about financial markets. Furthermore, they mostly don’t trade on exchanges. eToro only lists popular stocks that feature on exchanges

      • Hi Matty,
        I’m one of the idiots who bought Geely Automobile Holdings Limited on Aug 08 for 0.05
        Unfortunally, idiots like me ‘who know nothing about financial markets’ usually buy huge amounts.
        Nowadays the average value per share is about 2.04
        Shit happens.


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