How to trade on the weekend

Markets usually close over the weekend – Forex, stocks commodities – they all take a break over the weekend.  But that doesn't mean there aren't any opportunites to trade.  So if you haven't managed to get your trading fix during the week, here is how you can trade over the weekend.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Because bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies aren't controlled by a single exchange or financial system, it makes it much easier to trade around the clock.

Bitcoin can be traded on exchanges 24/7.  And thankfully trading platforms such as eToro and EasyMarkets have added 24/7 trading of crypto.   This means you can trade forex, and stocks during the week and then keep on going by trading crypto on the weekend – all in the same account.

Planning for the week ahead

Now if crypto isn't your thing there is still plenty to do during the weekend:

  •   Take a look at your economic calendar and see what major events are coming up.  These events will obviously have an impact before and after they happen.  These will shape your entire trading week.
  • If you use forex software such as a robot or script, use the weekend to backtest.
  • Review people to copytrade.  The weekend is the perfect time to do research.  So if you're a copy trader like me, use the weekend to look through and search for profiles of profitable copy traders.

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