How to get free crypto signals

Looking for a source of reliable crypto signals to help with your trading?  There's no need to sign up with a paid group and spend hundreds of dollars for signals that may or may not work.  There's a free way to get super high quality crypto signals.  Read on to find out more…

The worlds largest social trading network

Have you heard of eToro?  They are a social trading network.  On etoro, traders share every trade they make and how it performed.  And it's all done in real time.

eToro is the worlds largest social or copy trading network in the world with over 3 million traders.   And many of these traders are profitable cryptocurrency traders.  On eToro you can trade all of the top cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, EOS and many more.

When a trader makes a trade on eToro, it is posted to their profile.  You can see all the trades a trader has made in the past and how profitable they were.

Getting a free eToro account

Signing up to eToro is completely free.  You are under no obligation to make a deposit.  Once registered, you can browse through the profiles of traders, see the trades they've made and follow traders so you'll see their activity in your feed.

You only need to make a deposit if you want to trade on eToro.  And yes, eToro is an excellent trading platform, you can just use eToro as a source of knowledge.

Finding good traders for signals

eToro has some powerful search tools that allow you to filter and find traders.     If you're looking to find crypto traders who provide a good source of signals, use the “allocation” setting in the filter tool.   I filtered the results to find traders who trade more than 80% in crypto markets.  I was able to find countless traders who have made more than 20% profit over the past 12 months trading crypto.

Seeing a Traders History on eToro

To view a traders history on eToro:

  1. Click on the “Portfolio” link on their profile page.
  2. At the top of the page, click the dropdown “Portfolio” heading, to switch to history.

The history page will show every trade that person has made, and what profit or loss they made.  This is really useful for evaluating whether or not if this person is a good source of signals.

Copying Crypto Traders on eToro

eToro is a copy trading platform.  This means you can allocate a portion of your account's funds to automatically copy the trades made by another user on the platform.  Copy trading is a powerful way to trade, without needing to be an expert – instead you use the wisdom of the crowd and more experienced traders.

You don't need to copy traders on eToro to take advantage of the free signals they provide.  You can just “follow” traders.  When you follow a trader, you'll see when they open and close trades in your feed.

You could also use an eToro virtual account to copy the trades without risking real money.

Real trading signals

What makes eToro different to most signal providers is that every trade you see on the platform has been made using real money, by real people.  It's easy for people to give out signals on Twitter, posting random charts.  But it's much harder to be consistently profitable and share your trades on eToro.  This is why I rate eToro as one of the best sources of signals.

While this post has been about crypto – eToro also works for stocks, forex, commodities, ETFs and other markets as well.   I've put together a complete guide to etoro here.

You can find out more about eToro here

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