Give yourself an Investment this Christmas

Every year I like to give myself a little gift for fun.  And it's usually an investment.   So why not give yourself an investment gift this year as well.  It'll set you in good stead for the year ahead.  Here are some of the different investments you could get into as the year comes to a close:


We really are living in good times right now.   As I'm writing this post, Bitcoin has increased in value by another $1000.  If you blink you'll miss these milestones!  If you had invested just $1000 a year ago, you would have made a 1877% return!   And your Christmas would have been a whole lot different (Lambo anyone?)

If you're asking yourself if it's too late to invest in Crypto, don't.  History has shown that it's never been the case so far.  And I'm struggling to find anyone willing to really bet against it rising more.

And there are plenty of other opportunities in besides Bitcoin as well.  Ethereum has had a killer run this year and some of the more riskier alt-coins have also performed well.

You can get started buying Cryptocurrency on Coinbase or Coinspot (for my Australian readers).  If you're looking for trading Bitcoin (as opposed to just buying and holding) read on about etoro…

Copy Trading Portfolio

A copy trading portfolio is a portfolio made up of people!  Through a platform like eToro you automatically copy the trades of guru traders.  For under $500 you can put together a pretty amazing portfolio.  You can even trade Bitcoin and other cryptos on eToro or copy people who are trading them.  It's a great way to get into trading without the massive learning curve.


Why not put aside some extra cash into your Acorns portfolio.  Acorns is an app the automatically saves for you.  There are lots of other apps that do a similar thing and if you're <30 and not using one yet, you really should be!!  My Acorns portfolio has seen a 10%+ return this year.

Stock Trade

Fancy buying some stocks as a christmas gift?  Using an App like Robinhood you can make a small trade without any fees.  So if you've had you're eye on Apple or Amazon, now might be the time to jump in.    Buying stocks like this is probably not going to make you rich but it's fun to be part of the ride.


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