Gael Monfils trades on eToro!

I have to admit I was surprised to find out that pro tennis champion Gael Monfils is not just a superstar athlete but a trader as well.  And his trading platform of choice is my favorite platform, eToro.

Gael heard about eToro from his brother and has been trading on the platform since October 2017.    That doesn't surprise me – as eToro became super popular towards the end of 2017, mainly because of its cryptocurrency trading.

eToro is the worlds leading social trading network.  You can trade stocks, commodities, forex and of course cryptocurrencies.  One of eToro's most innovative features is copy trading, where you can automatically copy the trades of a more experienced trader.

Here's an ad done by eToro and Gael Monfils.

So what can a professional tennis player teach us about investing?  Well trading requires dedication, practice and the ability to thrive under adverse conditions.  Pretty much three things that any great tennis player needs.

Now while you may want to emulate Gael Monfils success, I suggest you start trading using a demo account.  Remember it takes practice.  Luckily eToro offers a free demo account that can be switched over to a real trading account (and back again) whenever you want.

Because I write a lot about eToro, it's always fun to hear people's stories from using the platform.  However you don't expect them to be pro tennis players!

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