February 2014 Passive Income Report

Last month I made over $1.9k from online methods, doing relatively little work.  Here is my earnings report for the month of February.  I was inspired by other bloggers who shared their income and so I'm doing the same.  This has been my best month yet.

Affiliate Income

Easy-Forex: $910.56
Media Temple: $80

Advertising Income

Adsense: $14.86
Popcash: $108

Forex Trading Income

eToro: $780.45
Easy-Forex: $47.52

Total Income: $1,941.39

As you can see Forex was the stand out performer.  Most of my income came from copy trading, where I followed the successful traders on eToro and automatically copied what they did.  The result worked out well!   I also used Easy-Forex to do manual trading.  I started with a $500 account there.

My adsense revenue took a massive decline.  I'll explain why in an upcoming post, where I show you how to make $60 a day from adsense using a viral technique, but it only lasts for a short time.

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